Explained: How Delhi is coping up with loss of jobs during Covid

jobs during Covid

The pandemic has hit the economy hard, and it has been over a year that we are still trying to fight the virus. The common people have taken the brunt of this ongoing condition. Some parts of the country have suffered the most, and Delhi is one of them! Qualified professionals have lost their jobs while graduates are still finding it difficult to land a desirable job. Although the government is trying to offer compensation and support, people are trying to cope up with this situation in a different way.

Yes, there are plenty of jobs in Delhi and earning opportunities that are helping people earn a living. From home delivery services to online work from home jobs and freelancing, working individuals and freshers are knocking on every door of likelihood. The pandemic has led to an increase in demand in certain fields, and people in Delhi have not missed out on their chances. So, how is this working out for professionals in this city? Which jobs in Delhi are proving to offer the most productive outcomes? Let us get answers to these questions and understand how Delhi is trying to contend with the loss of jobs.

Work from home job opportunities have offered people a flexible and convenient way of earning!

Recovering From Loss of Jobs During Covid: Productive Ways

There has been a positive impact of the pandemic on some corporate sectors and lines of work where people have been able to find employment! The following jobs in Delhi have helped people cope up with their loss of work from the past year.

Work From Home Jobs: A Boon To Professionals

As soon as all offices shut down in March 2020, every company of every sector was forced to start the WFH system. Software engineers, HR departments, teachers, office workers, programmers, and many other professionals started working online from their homes. While this decision was meant to be temporary, 74% of respondents are willing to continue this workflow.

Reasons Behind The Surge In Demands

  • WFH has led to increased savings for employees as well as employers.
  • Employers are discerning higher productivity from their staff members.
  • It is saving time spent on commuting.

The Emergence of E-Learning Platforms

The educational sector has observed a reform during the COVID-19 pandemic. The e-learning industry has seen a whopping 120% growth in FY 2020. The online education market has an estimated value of INR 360 Billion and teaching jobs in Delhi are a part of this fest.

Academic Teaching Services

Teachers working in schools, colleges and universities are continuing their work through online portals. Tutors offering tuition classes and academic learning facilities are also running classes online. As for the hosted e-learning platforms, they have observed a rise in demand, leading to job offerings for qualified professionals.

Skill-based Teaching Jobs

Dancers, guitarists, pianists, singers, etc., have also started offering online classes and hosting workshops. People have enjoyed learning a new skill during the lockdown.

Pouring Opportunities For Freelancers & Part-Time Workers

Despite the grave employment scenario, freelancers and part-time employees have been able to find work. Yes, freelancing has become the new normal for different corporate sectors. Whether it be editors, designers, coders, or tutors, companies are willing to offer one-time projects. Job search portals are also posting freelance jobs in Delhi in bulk for people to seize their chances!

People with disabilities have also been able to find work and pursue their passion during the pandemic!

The Possibility For In-House Personal Services

Personal services like grooming, beauty care, home cleaning services, etc., are now available at door-to-door facilities. As of reports, the renowned company UrbanClap that has been offering these services has also registered a boost in their market growth by 25% during the pandemic. Jobs in Delhi have increased after this augmentation.

Categories & Options Available

  • Beauticians and hair stylists can offer services either as a freelancer or through a renowned service provider.
  • Servicing agents and technicians offering AC, TV and other repairing services are also able to earn during Covid.
  • Bakers and cooks have also been able to find work in the market.

Home Delivery Systems and Online Channels

The rise in work for delivery boys has been phenomenally well since March 2020. Food delivery giants Zomato and Swiggy have hired more delivery boys than ever to fulfil the surge in demand, especially in tier 1 cities like jobs in Delhi. Zomato has earned a revenue of 2,604 crores in the last financial year from its 12% growth in the market. This expansion has led to job opportunities for many people living in the city!

A Secure Way of Making Money

Becoming a delivery person for these companies has become a secure way of making money during Covid, given the rise in demands. There is a slim chance of losing these jobs in Delhi, and the pay is also substantial!

Additional Tips To Find These Jobs During Covid

For all these options to work out, people need to land a job in this competitive market. Since people are willing to switch their profession in these areas to get a decent job, it has become quite a cutthroat situation! Here are some tips to get the lead in these professional spheres.

  • Take the help of leading job search portals that show every minor detail related to potential jobs in Delhi.
  • Create a captivating work profile on the best job search engine.
  • Showcase the skills that are suitable in the field of work.
  • Do not let the past experience of some other fields heighten the expectations from a new job. If needed, start as a fresher!
  • It is better to work for lower wages than not working at all! Since the pandemic has disrupted the normal economic flow, employers are not willing to pay the standard rates. So, start with a mediocre payscale and then expect a hike.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has left the country and its capital in a grave situation, but there is always light at the end of a tunnel! Find work in these thriving fields and professions to shape a bright future. Go online and search for the best opportunities on credible platforms!