Everything You Need To Know About A Smoking Car

Smoking Car

When car problems arise, they are certain signs & symptoms that can be detected from the same, which can help in diagnosing the actual issue. So, before your car proceeds to breakdown in the middle of the road, in-between your beautiful journey, you must notice such problematic symptoms beforehand. 

One of the major signs that can tell you that your car has an underlying problem is the type of smoke that it releases through its smoke or silencer pipe. As a car owner, most of the times you’ll ignore such a sign because the smoke is produced at the backside of the vehicle. So, when you start to diagnose the smoke released by your car, you first need to learn about the source and then the smoke colour. 

From Where The Smoke Is Coming From?

A professional car mechanic in Marrickville states that if you find steam coming out of your car’s tailpipe, then you don’t need to worry much. Steam is released when there is a build-up of condensation inside your car engine and will be released when the engine & other components will get heated up. Even though your car’s tailpipe will release smoke, but you need to see the type of smoke it’s releasing. 

Some car owners believe that smoke coming out of the tailpipe means that the engine is getting overheated. While it can be true for some vehicles but all though. Smoke getting released from the engine does mean that there can be a serious issue with the car’s engine and the same must be checked out. 

The Colour Of The Smoke

If you can detect the colour of the smoke that your car’s tailpipe is releasing, then you can be able to detect the issue. 

  1. Black Smoke

Black smoke is usually caused when there’s a situation of partial burning of fuel inside the engine’s combustion chamber. Black smoke can also happen when one or more of the engine’s cylinder becomes flooded with fuel. Both of these aforementioned problems can occur due to a clogged filter, ignition problems, leaking fuel injector or a restricted intake duct. 

  1. Blue Smoke

When you notice blue smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe, it means that the vehicle is burning oil. There will be times when such a bluish colour might appear to be dark grey. What this means is that oil is starting to leak into the engine combustion chamber and therefore getting burned along with the fuel. Such a problem happens when there is a valve malfunction or when the head gasket fails. 

Thus, if you’re facing any of the above-mentioned problems with your car, we highly suggest getting in contact with our professionals without delay. We’ll be able to solve the issue in a jiffy without any worries.