Everything There Is to Know About Acoustic Artwork Panels

Acoustic Artwork Panels
Acoustic Artwork Panels

Acoustic panels are large, soft-furnished panels that are usually strategically placed within rooms to improve sound quality. Their main purpose is to remove residual sound in any space. If installed correctly, acoustic panels can absorb or diffuse sound from the first point of reflection. This eliminates any chances of an echo being produced, thus making the sound quality much better. They are mainly made from a combination of foam and fabric and can be cut into different shapes and sizes then customized to fit the particular design of the room in which they are to be installed. Acoustic artwork panels are just acoustic panels but wrapped with a painting or drawing. They are mainly used to improve aesthetics.

Where Are Acoustic Panels Used?

Acoustic panels can be used in virtually any space that usually experiences a lot of noise or needs better sound quality. Therefore, some of the most common spaces include restaurants, hospitals, bars, offices, music venues, and lecture halls. Obviously, each space will have its unique requirements, but the bottom line is they all need to improve sound quality and intelligibility.

A good and commonly used example is an open-plan office environment. There are certain departments that will be a little noisy than others, for instance, the telemarketing department. Such an environment will involve loud telephone calls and conversations, which may be quite distracting for the rest of the office. Thus, a strategically placed acoustic panel will help to localize the noise, keeping it contained in that area.

What Are Acoustic Panels Made From?

As earlier mentioned, acoustic panels are usually made from varying layers of acoustic foam. The foam is enclosed in a timber frame which reinforces it. Why is foam preferred? This is because it completely absorbs frequencies on the surface, thus leaving a resonance happening inside the cavity.

Benefits Of Acoustic Panels

Having said all that, it is clear that acoustic panels are very helpful and important regardless of the setting they’re being used. So, what are some of the benefits of installing acoustic panels? Well, it’s all dependent on the setting in which they are being used, as shown below.

Increase Privacy

This is the case in hospitals. Acoustic panels can be very helpful in keeping conversations discrete in waiting, examination, and patient rooms. They decrease reverberation, sound intensity, and the distance that sound carries. If installed properly, a conversation at the check-in counter will be muffled and thus not heard by the entire waiting room. Also, conversations with the doctor are usually much more private.

More Comfortable for Customers

Having acoustic panels in a restaurant or bar will make the environment more comfortable for customers. This is because the panels will absorb all the noise from conversations, and thus n echoes will be heard roaming around the space. This also helps to reduce noise pollution to the outside and can be very helpful in areas where there are noise restrictions put in place.

Boosted Productivity

People or members of staff in an office or educational setting are likely to be more productive when the space has acoustic panels. This is because the panels act as noise-canceling surfaces and therefore reduce the level of noise that is coming from one side of the room. This way, the people on the other end can easily focus on their duties without worrying about potential distractions from those whose work involves discussions or frequent conversations.

Effective Sound Quality

Music venues tend to have a lot of reverberation, which can significantly reduce sound quality and thus ruin one’s experience. With acoustic panels, that reverberation is reduced, and therefore the sound quality is significantly enhanced.

The Need for Acoustic Artwork Panels

After seeing the importance of acoustic panels, some may wonder why adding a little bit of artwork would be necessary. For starters, it improves the aesthetics significantly. Since acoustic panels may seem out of shape, especially if they’ve been installed a while after the space has been decorated, acoustic artwork panels help to customize the room and make it look more pleasant. Secondly, artwork panels help to create a cool and calming ambiance which is very important in hospitals.