ETOH: What Is It and It’s Abuse


ETOH is nothing but just the chemical name for ethanol alcohol, or ethyl alcohol, or, as the common man knows, alcohol. Alcohol is not just the most used substance globally; it is also the substance that causes the most deaths and accidents worldwide. According to a reliable source, around 90,000 people die from alcohol use in the USA every year.

Having a drink or two once in a while is fine, but regular drinking can be harmful for you and your close ones. In this blog, we will learn the basic things about ETOH, its excess use, effects, addiction, and treatment.

Basic Knowledge About ETOH

As we read above, ETOH” is just a chemical term for ethyl alcohol and is an organic compound belonging to the family of alcohols. While making other chemicals, it works as a solvent and can even be added to gasoline. However, the major use of alcohol worldwide is because of its intoxicating properties. Popular beverages like vodka, beer, wine, tequila, distilled spirits, whiskey, etc., all contain alcohol in some quantity.

Mainly, alcohol is a depressant and is known to slow down the nervous system and decrease motor functions and movement. People generally show low cognitive abilities and slow reaction times once they are under the influence of alcohol. Some people drink alcohol while using other drugs like heroin, cocaine, ketamine, etc., which can cause serious health hazards and even death sometimes. As one increases the consumption, the effects of alcohol on the body also increase.

What Happens to Alcohol in Our Body

When you drink alcohol, it enters the small intestine and the stomach, from where the blood vessels take it into the bloodstream. The stomach absorbs around 20% alcohol and the other by the small intestine. The liver releases enzymes that break down alcohol, and it can process an ounce in one hour. Drinking more than this will cause the alcohol to collect in the blood until metabolization. This is the reason that taking shots or drinking excess can cause long-lasting effects.

Ethanol is sometimes known as wheat alcohol as the production involves the fermentation of barley, wheat, corn, rye, etc. Most commercial drinks have an alcohol content ranging from 5-40%, but it is possible to make a solution with as much alcoholic concentration you want.

Effects of Consuming Alcohol

People love alcohol because it intoxicates your body and has other stimulating effects. It has depressing properties, which slows down the brain and other body processes, thus causing relaxation. Once alcohol is absorbed by the bloodstream, you will start to feel its effects based on your biological features, quantity, and alcohol quality.

Short-term effects include drowsiness and clumsiness, headache, nausea and vomiting, memory lapses, distortion of the sensory system, slurred speech and ETOH impaired vision, unconsciousness, etc. In one or two drinks, you will feel relaxed, and a bit slowed down. In 4-7 drinks, you can experience speech issues, impaired vision, and low reaction time and alertness.

Drinking more than this amount can have dangerous effects. You will feel nauseous and feel like vomiting. Movement is affected a lot, and memory lapses are common. In some severe cases, people become unconscious too.

Treatment of Alcohol Addiction

Everyone loves a good time with friends, but alcohol addiction is a real thing that has ruined many families and killed a lot of people worldwide. We recommend medical help for everyone struggling with heavy alcohol use. First of all, you can try talking to your family or a counselor to curb the issue. There are medicines like acamprosate, naltrexone, etc., used to treat it.

The best way is to join a detox or rehab program in a medical institute or hospital where you will receive the required attention and have access to the best medical facilities and medication. If you are in the Nevada area and looking for Alcohol rehab in Las Vegas or a nearby place, there are several medical institutions present.


Everyone loves a drink, but no one can deny the dangerous effects of ‘ETOH’or alcohol. It is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in many different ways. Excess alcohol seriously damages your liver and other body parts. Many accidents and mishaps happen to people all over the world under the influence of alcohol. We read about all basic things about the substance, and it is our request to everyone to consume alcohol responsibly or not at all.