Establish your Startup! With Shopping List Plugin WordPress


When you want to publish a new online business always shopping lists is one of the most trending topics in the startup area. In this article we are going to explain how you can set up your shopping list with WordPress plugin.

A brief introduction to WordPress and Listdom

WordPress is the most popular CMS that allows you to create your website and online business as simple as some clicks. The features of WordPress are easy to use and at the same time very powerful. On the other hand, features that WordPress already provides are not enough to set up a shopping list website so you need a WordPress plugin.

Listdom is the best shopping list plugin for WordPress which allows you to set up a shopping list website as simple as what WordPress is offering.

Listdom Lite, Free Plugin with Amazing Features

If you want to start with a free shopping list plugin for WordPress Listdom lite is the best option for you. In this section we are going to explain some features is Listdom lite and how you can set up and use them.

As soon as you download and activate Listdom lite form WordPress repository two new menus will add to WordPress backend. Firstly Listings menu which you can manage categories options and listings there. Secondly Listdom menu and you can change settings, show listings in the front-end, create search forms, and do so many other staff there.

To begin with, please go to Listings menus and start adding categorized options like categories, features, tags, labels and locations. For example Sport will be a good example for categories in the area of shopping list. After that try the Add Listing menu and add items there with defining title, description, price, working hours, contact information, map location and categorize options and publish the listings.

After that we will talk about Listdom menu options. Firstly please head over to Settings menu and define Google Map API key, details page, archive pages, slugs and change the predefined options that already exist. Secondly, go to the Shortcodes menu and define the shortcodes in more than 90 different skins and styles to show listings in different pages. Another menu that we would like to share with you is Search Builder where you can define search forms dynamically according to your business plan. Both shortcodes and search forms sections provide you with shortcodes and you can use in different pages.

Finally Listdom Lite has so many other features which you can see how they work and set up those in Listdom official website.

Listdom Pro, Professional Features In One Package

Listdom Pro is a paid shopping list WordPress plugin which adds additional professional features to Listdom Lite and you can use them in the simplest way. In this section we are going to explain some of these professional features like Attributes (Custom Field), Front-end dashboard, OpenStreetMaps, Embed codes, interactive map search features.

First of all, please go to Attributes sub-menu in the Listings menu and add the custom fields that you want per category or for all categories. For example the fields that show in the Sport category can be different from Shoes.

After that you can add Listdom Dashboard short-code to a page and then have a front-end dashboard. It is great for your users/visitors to add their items in your website without accessing the back-end.

The next feature that Listdom Pro provides you is OpenStreetMap, if you do not want to use Google Maps as it needs an API key and after some usage you should pay OpenStreetMap is a great feature for you. This is a Free and Open Source map and you can use it as much as you want freely.

Finally there are so many other features like showing YouTube videos as embed codes or see shopping items based on map searches, and…. If you are interested to see the full list of Listdom Pro features you can see on Listdom official website.

Listdom add-ons, Great Tools to Be Unique

Listdom already provides more than 20 add-ons which each one help you to be a unique system in the market that you are working. For example with Listdom Android/IOS apps you will be able to be in your users/visitors mobile apps. Also with CSV Importer Addon you can import so many Shopping list items in one time.

In order to see a full list of Listdom Add-ons you can Google Listdom Add-ons and see the full list of them in Listdom official demo website.


Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, Listdom Add-ons has been designed to help you to have a shopping list website in WordPress with Modern features as simple as WordPress itself. Simply download Listdom Lite from WordPress and start your journey in the startup and online business area.