Easy DIY Tips To Detect Water Leaks At Home

DIY Water Leak Detection Tips

Water leaks from the plumbing system are one of the main reasons for home repair work too often. Normally homeowners take it lightly and they believe that we can fix the water leak problem at a later stage when we got time.

But they fail to realize that continuous water leaks can create more problems for you. Due to water leaks, you have to do a lot more repairing work, like fixing the foundation of the home, fixing cracks in the walls or ceiling, fixing peeling paint. Even when you have moisture in the house due to a water leak near your electrical appliances, you need to repair the appliances as well that got damage as well due to excess moisture.

So, you should never take plumbing issues lightly and that is why today I am writing about the easy DIY tips for the detection of water leaks at home.

Frequent Manual Inspection

The easiest way to detect a water leak at home is to do a manual inspection of your plumbing system frequently. You can visit different rooms and areas of your home at least once a week and should notice if you find any signs of water leaks?

Inspect the plumbing system in the washroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, swimming pool, and even on the top floor as well. Also, do visit those areas of the house which you don’t use for a long time. Check the pipes which are exposed and you can see if there is any water leaking.

Also, check any dehumidifiers at your home and the dishwashers carefully. You might also get a few signs of water leaks in these appliances and you can then pick a quality plumber to fix this as soon as possible.

Water Leaks Detection Test

There are some areas in the house where it is difficult to detect a water leak. For example, it is not easy to detect water leak from the swimming pool unless it is very clear signs around the swimming pool with a damp floor.

Many people are confused between a water leak from the swimming pool and the evaporation. They think water is evaporating instead of leaking.

Or, the detection of water leaks from a toilet tank is also not easy. Sometimes a small water leak can’t be noticed in the bowl from the toilet tank.

In both of these cases, you need to get the help of water leak detection tests. For a swimming pool, you can use the plastic water bucket test to differentiate between evaporation and water leak.

Whereas, in the toilet tank, you can use the food color test to detect the water leak. Both tests are easy and you can find how to do these tests on the internet easily. You just need to repeat these tests at least once in two months.

Use Smart Water Leak Detectors

Another way to detect a water leak in homes is to get help from technology. You can find different types of smart water detection devices that can help you in detecting any issues of plumbing leaks.

You can find different types of smart water leak detecting devices from the market. If you don’t want to visit your local market, you can also find many online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Ali Express.

Smart water leak detectors that can detect leak from a specific locations or at low price. Whereas, those detectors that can detect a water leak from the whole plumbing system of the house, are costly. You can buy one for the whole house, or multiple for different locations.