Most people have a preconceived notion that they can handle their drinks, and therefore, are fit to drive a car after having a few cocktails. But the grave reality is that DUI charges are one of the most common causes of police arrests in the United States. When someone gets arrested, he is taken to the police station, where he must wait before a bail trial. Continue reading this article to learn more about what one should do if he is arrested with a DUI charge. 

Cooperate with the Police: When one is pulled over by the policemen, he must cooperate with the officers in order to be on the good side with them. It is likely that after stopping the vehicle, the officers will engage in a conversation with the driver to check if he is fully conscious or not. Slurry speeches, uncoordinated movements, red eyes are sure indications that one is drunk and unfit for operating a vehicle. 

  • Though it is recommended to cooperate with the policemen, expert lawyers often suggest against taking a Field Sobriety Test. Such tests may include standing on one leg, finger-to-nose, watch the pen tests, and more. The police officers cannot legally force one to do any of those things. 
  • The accused can even deny taking the BAC tests if he knows the outcome will not be in his favor. However, he must produce all the legal documents, such as driving license and registrations and proof of insurance, if asked. 

Opt for Bail: When the arrestee is taken to jail, he should exercise his right to counsel. Most police officers will inform about the right to be silent, but they will hardly remind someone of his right to seek legal counsel. Once taken into police custody, he has the constitutional right to seek legal advice. In less than 48 hours, the accused is produced at the court, where a bail amount is set. He needs to post the bail to get out of jail and prepare for the upcoming trial. 

  • The bail amount may seem excessive to those not familiar with the pre-determined bail schedules. A defendant has the right to appeal to the court for reducing the bail amount if he’s unable to pay the same. The judge might set a reduced bail considering the defendant’s financial condition. 
  • If the arrestee cannot pay the sum, he can always contact a bail bond service. There are many licensed bail services in the state of California. For instance, one will have to pay 10% of the whole bail amount as a fee, and the rest will be taken care of by bail bonds agents in San Diego, CA. The bail services provide their clients with a fast and hassle-free bail from jail. 

Once the defendant is out of jail, he must hire an experienced lawyer to represent him in court. And later, when the verdict is out, the defendant may consider expunging his DUI record by appealing to the legal system.