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COVID-19 transmission directly through food or food packaging has not been reported yet. Still, it is recommended to follow general food safety guidelines. Restaurant workers, who might have COVID-19 can prevent the transmission of the virus further by using PPE.

If chefs or waiters do not take appropriate precautions, the COVID-19 virus gets transmitted easily. Since they are cooking or serving food, they should use PPE every time.

Like several other businesses, Whizley masks sell PPE items in bulk for business purposes. Just like other companies, masks such as disposable masks and 3-ply masks have been made available by Whizley. Restaurant owners can get PPE in bulk from several organizations, like Whizley.

Disposable masks are a PPE appropriate for restaurant workers as they can be used and simply disposed of. Restaurant employees have hectic shifts. Hence, they will not get time to sanitize masks and can use disposable masks instead.

Recovery Time for the COVID-19 Disease and Ways To Stay Away From The Transmission

Transmission of COVID-19 or any other virus is possible through food indirectly. Restaurant employees work outdoors and they might be infected with the COVID-19 virus. However, people infected might be asymptomatic (infected people who do not show any symptoms).

If restaurant employees do not wear proper PPE like face masks, the virus might get transmitted through them into the food. After the onset of certain symptoms, mainly fever, patients are advised to take the COVID-19 test. If the results are positive, patients are required to stay in quarantine for around 21 days.

If the results are negative, patients should stay in quarantine for at least 7 days. Most young adults and adolescents have successfully recovered from COVID-19, as found out in a recent study of skilled nursing facility workers.

One of the ways to stay away from the transmission of COVID-19 is using PPE. Here are some PPE that can be used.

  • Disposable Masks – These are appropriate for restaurant employees working inside the kitchen. Waiters who serve food have a busy schedule and can dispose of these masks after their shift.
  • Bandanas – Bandanas are soft and comfortable. They can be of varying layers depending upon length. Usually, two-layered or three-layered bandanas are effective against COVID-19 transmission. Restaurant employees working outside the kitchen can use bandanas and sanitize them after their shift.

Sharing PPE with Whizley Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is the sale event of the year. Products can be purchased on Black Friday to avoid the Christmas rush. Apart from that, there is a huge rush for Black Friday alone. Online shopping ensures the havoc created due to the rush is lessened.

Businesses can purchase office items in bulk. These can be stored for upcoming Christmas and winter. Like several other companies, Whizley is offering a Black Friday sale. PPE like disposable masks, safety goggles, bandanas, etc., can be purchased in bulk so they can be shared in times of need. Share PPE with Whizley Black Friday Sale.


Buying PPE helps prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus and other viruses as well. Using PPE will improve the image, reputation, and goodwill of the restaurant business. PPE will protect both the employees and indirectly, the customers within the restaurants.