Does Sleeping in a Hammock Have Any Health Benefits?

Sleeping by laying down is inherent in human behavior, and for many people, feeling comfortable and cozy is necessary for good sleep. Well, this is related to the gravity effects of our body. When you sleep in an uncomfortable position, your body has to work extra to keep itself at rest, and this is where the problem begins. 

Even during camping, no one wishes to compromise with their sleep cycle, and this is where hammocks come in. Many people love sleeping in their hammocks rather than carrying a tent to the campsite. Sleeping in hammocks when camping will be the closest that you’ll feel comfortable like on your mattress in your bedroom. But in addition to camping, many people love sleeping in hammocks, even at their homes. So, does sleeping in a hammock offer any type of health benefit? Let’s find out through this blog post. 

Why is sleeping in hammocks a better option?

Many studies have been conducted regarding sleeping in hammocks, and most of these studies involve babies. All these studies have shown positive signs of sleeping in hammocks, and this is what we are going to address here. 

Deeper sleep 

You might be thinking that the rocking nature of the best backpacking hammock is only to give you a feeling of a swing, but the swing nature helps in deeper sleep as well. A small study was conducted in 2011, and during this study, a group of 12 men went for afternoon sleep on specific days. They took one nap in their regular bed and another nap in hammocks. 

Experts used both EEG analysis and polysomnography to analyze the brain activity of all the people involved in the study. During the study, it was found that sleeping in hammocks boosted the speed of shifting from the state of wakefulness to sleep. 

In addition to this, sleeping in hammocks also increased the timing of stage 2 sleep, where the body is in the state of light sleep and preparing itself to enter a deeper sleep state. Most of the experts considered the swinging effect on the brain to be responsible for better sleep in hammocks. 

According to the experts, the swinging motion may improve internal sleep rhythm, which helps enter the deeper sleep state without any hassle. The swinging motion might also be tricking the brain into a relaxation mode that encourages better sleep. 

Pressure point relief 

When you sleep on a mattress, you put more pressure on your butt, shoulder, and even on your back. Various studies have claimed that a good quality mattress reduces the pressure on these areas and encourages better sleep. 

It is said that using the best backpacking hammock also reduces the pressure on your shoulder, back and butt. Since the surface of a hammock is more flexible, the pressure is equally distributed throughout the body instead of just being concentrated on our butt, back, and shoulder. And the best part about sleeping hammocks is it molds in your natural curves. 

No more bugs 

If you sleep outside, then hammock sleeping is the best option since it keeps you safe from bugs. People usually prefer to sleep on the ground during camping, but it can turn your camping experience into a nightmare because of bugs and mosquitoes. 

So, if you want to enjoy a sound sleep without being disturbed by bugs, you should stick with the best backpacking hammock. 

Hammocks have now gained the reputation of encouraging good sleep, and many studies support this claim. So, buy a good quality hammock and improve the quality of your sleep.