Does Italian American Artist Twitch Valentino Have What It Takes to Revive Denver’s Lifeless Music Scene?

Twitch Valentino

Denver is a large city, In fact, it is one of the top twenty largest cities in the United States of America. Despite the city’s size, however, Denver seems to have little to no music scene whatsoever. We recently discovered an Artist by the name of Twitch Valentino who seems to be determined to end the drought. Twitch Valentino is an Italian American Artist who is unable to be boxed in or categorized by any one genre of Music. When asked about his city, Twitch is quoted as saying “ I love my city with everything in me, I bleed Denver. There just isn’t love in the city for real. I remember seeing something on the gram saying Denver was ranked the hardest city to find love and it shows in a lot more ways than just finding a partner. If you are starting to gain success at all, everyone else starts to act like there is only room for one successful person in the whole place.” Recently Twitch has been growing at lightspeed, almost doubling its streams from 2020 in a matter of weeks. His most recent release “Crying in the Coupe”, produced by the multi platinum producer Don Cannon is growing by around three thousand streams per day on Spotify. If anyone has the ability to save Denver’s sinking ship of a music scene, it’s Twitch Valentino. If you would like to learn more about Twitch we have linked him on social media down below, and be sure to check out his new single “Crying in the Coupe” out everywhere!