Determinants of band saw machine price in Kenya

band saw

Pricing of an item is a very rigorous task that requires the evaluation of different variables in an industry. It is not uncommon to see the same item having different prices. This is because there are different factors in play. Band saw is not an exception in this pricing phenomenon. This article is therefore dedicated to expounding more on these variables that affect band saw prices in Kenya.

A band saw is technically a power saw. It however consists of a thinner continuous metal blade. This blade is long, sharp and toothed and is suspended between two or more wheels. Band saws are mostly used to cut irregular shapes. It has a uniform cutting option with evenly distributed tooth load. It is used in woodwork, metal work and lumbering.

Variables affecting band saw machine price in Kenya

  • Demand

When the demand is high, the price goes up while low demand reduces the price. The growing wood processing industry has seen many people venture into carpentry and woodwork. This has led to more people buying band saws. The companies manufacturing band saws have therefore increased their prices to take advantage of this increase in demand.

  • The material it cuts

There are different bandsaws used for cutting different materials.  There is the metal cutting band saw and wood cutting band saw. These band saw’s blades are usually made using different materials to enable them cut the specified material. These differentblade material prices affect the overall band saw prices.

  • Speed

Different band saws take different amount of time to cut through a material. This is known as speed. This is usually determined by the watts of its power horse and the sharpness of its blade. A faster band saw would definitely fetch a high price because of its efficiency to the user while a band saw with low speed will be cheaper to attract more customers.

  • Target customers

There are different customers in the Kenyan market who influence the band saw price in Kenya. There are customers who can only buy expensive goods. This category of people usually associates high prices with quality. Majority of the customers however would always look for the cheapest good in the market. The company should therefore know who it is selling to.

  • Manufacturing company

Different companies have different brands and different distinguishing features. These are determined by their work ethics, prices of their products, quality of their products among other factors. As a result, there are companies that generally have high prices while there are companies and brands which charge lower prices. 

  • Size

Bigger band saws usually cost more than their smaller counterparts. This is because a lot of materials went into their manufacturing and hence more manufacturing cost. To recover this cost, it has to be sold at a higher price than the one which took in little material.

These factors should help in enlightening the customer concerningprice variation. The customer will then consider the most important features he or she desires in a band saw and be ready to pay the price.