Deciding on the best recruitment CRM software for your recruitment agency

Recruitment software is fundamental to an employment agency’s growth and performance. In this digital world today, great technology plays a critical part in enhancing the workflow and influencing the desired results. Recruiters find that working with a suitable recruitment CRM software makes them more productive and efficient.

Consequently, every agency needs to deliberate carefully on the kind of CRM solution they want to get on board.

How should this decision be made?

First of all, agencies must commit to thorough research if they want to find a suitable recruiting system. The research must cover all the well-known as well as the smaller software suppliers, the product features and its reviews, live demos, and quality of service.

Only after obtaining a sufficient amount of knowledge regarding these can an agency say they’re equipped with enough understanding about the best recruitment software for their agency.

1. Research the market

This is the first action taken by any potential buyer – looking around the market. However, do not be limited to just the big players in the market. There is a reason why careful research is necessary. Sometimes a smaller supplier might be a better fit for the agency. They might be willing to be more flexible or have more solutions to some unique problem.

2. Ask about product features

Features and functionalities are what makes any product great. To find the best recruitment software in the market, agencies should list all the problems and issues they want to overcome. If an interesting recruitment CRM system addresses all these concerns then the agency is one step closer to their objective. However, remember to note whether the product functionality is convenient for all users in the team. Every recruiter is not tech-savvy. And a complicated software system is likely to be left to gather dust after a month or so of problematic twiddling.

3. Read all the reviews

This step might not seem as significant as the others. But it is equally vital. Get as much feedback and read all the objective reviews as possible. It’s a smart move to get a glimpse of what one can expect before finalising any deal. Vendors will be happy to provide customer testimonials. But keep in mind that these will all be positive ones from happy customers. It is necessary to get a wide-ranging and detailed view of the services. Consistent negative feedback on a particular issue can be a red flag that potential buyers would do well to observe and address accordingly.

4. Sit through live demos

Live demonstrations are mandatory to understand how the product will function and to see its features in action. Almost all software vendors will offer product demos and it is a great opportunity to observe the software in action. Get a couple of colleagues together to attend the demo as different perspectives help in decision making. It is also the perfect time to ask relevant questions and see what resolutions are offered.

5. Ask about their service

It is easy to get wrapped up in the features and functionalities when one is on the hunt for the best recruitment software for agencies. However, doing a bit of research on the quality of service and support vendors offer their customers is every bit as important. The real test of the relationship between the software user and the product vendor begins after the onboarding. Quality customer care and support are crucial in the overall user experience. If the product has great reviews but the service does not seem up to the mark, then buyers must seriously think about purchasing the software.