Crimson Tide fans have been critical of Pete Golding, who is entering his third season as defensive coordinator

Crimson Tide fans have been critical of Pete Golding

Crimson Tide fans criticized Pete Golding, who entered his third season as defense coordinator. The 2020 defense was almost the only weakness of Alabama that forced the offensive to win twice in penalty kicks: 633-48 against Ole Miss in the SEC Championship match, and 52-46 in Florida.

Except for these games, however, no team scored more than 24 points against the tide and averaged 14.4 points, excluding Ole Miss and Florida. Even when Rebels and Defenders were included, the wave caused the SEC to defend with 19.4 points per game. Several key pieces are missing from the unit, including defensive lineman Christian Barmore, corner guard Patrick Surten II, and defender Dylan Musa. Barmore is the first round anticipation of the 2021 NFL audition, where Surten is considered to be the first round pick.

However, the team returned to a stable team of seven players in the front and secondary experience.

Specifically, defenders Will Anderson, Christian Harris and Christopher Allen are back after they lost 1.5.5 sacks and 30.5 sacks last season. Labran Roy, a five-star recruit in Alabama’s 2017 class, will once again dominate the healthy season. Also call five star footballers Damon Payne and Dallas Turner to contribute.

The midfielder returned to every starting player along with Suren, including Malachi Moore, Dimarco Helms, Jordan Battle, Daniel Wright and Josh Job. To see the starting point, search for the new Guy Quincy McKinstry in the top corner of the 2021 classroom.

Alabama QB Competition
It looks like Bryce Young has lost his job. Many expected the # 2 overall player and first quarterback in the 2020 recruiting class to take over, starting with Mac Jones just before last season. Jones College was never realized as it combined one of the most influential individual seasons in football history with the point guard.

Shaban said that Young got “better and better” in spring practice by grabbing the playbook and becoming the leader of crime.

“I think you understand what he needs to do to help the players around him play better, and I think he did it very well,” said Saban (via 247 Spor).

With the exception of Young, he was seen as the only point guard who could seriously fight for the primary job, they are red-shirt sophomore Paul Tyson and Jalen Milro, who are the first names in the class of 2021. Milro, in particular, was seen as the theft of the recruitment as the number one double threat playmaker in the state of Texas in the class of 2021. Big enough than Young (6-3.28 pounds, 6-0.14 pounds to Young).

Three more positions to watch
Offensive line
The highest scoring offensive line class in Alabama in 2021 enlistment history (or at least 247 sports rankings players and teams since starting) may be the tide drawn in the two best offensive tackles, Jesse Latham (2nd overall) and Tommy. Brockermeier (5th general); 2nd Guard, Terrence Ferguson (57th overall); Center number 1, James Brockermeier (general No. 189) and guard number 15, Jaden Roberts (total No. 251). Everyone except Roberts signed up early.

For those who keep an eye out, this is the full line of attack unit.

However, there are just too many free positions. Center Landon Dickerson and left plaintiff Alex Leatherwood – the first-round NFL Draft selections are back – but Chris Owens in the background, right-hand Evan Neil, and right-back Emil Aquier Jr.

The 2020 Hejman winner is Divanta Smith and the reserve Jelene Waddle, which was considered by many to be Alabama’s best recipient before breaking his ankle against Tennessee. This left John Metchie third and Slade Bolden the only returning buyer to have a significant game time in 2020. Rigorous and ignorant calculations should also be an important part of turning this transition.

Tide addressed the need for pass-catchers in the 2021 class by recruiting the top group in college football: five-star Jacqueline Brooks (number 2, overall number 26); Advanced hall (wide receiver number 5, total number 44); JoJo Earl (No. large wide receiver, No. 46 in general); And Christian Leary (number 10, number 74 in total) Earl is the only player on that team not currently on campus.

This is because 2021 will see an important time for these new players, but Javan Baker, Javier Williams, Tracy Holden, and Thai Jones-Bell will also have to fight for the top spot.