Corporate parties in the shooting club

Holding a joint vacation of employees today has become a good tradition in many companies. How to spend special days for the company in an unusual and interesting way? An unforgettable holiday full of positive emotions and adrenaline will be a corporate party in a shooting club with real military weapons.

Joint organized recreation today has become a good tradition in many companies. This contributes to team building, developing good working relationships, raising the team spirit of employees and ultimately benefits the company itself.

The culture of joint recreation may differ in different groups, but, unfortunately, these are often the same type of events held in restaurants or even offices, with ideas to feed those present and amuse with some classic entertainment program. Such holidays are unlikely to bring a noticeable positive effect.

To dispel the spirit of boredom and spend a holiday full of new and positive emotions on special days for the company, it is better to try to reconsider the approach to organizing corporate events and offer something decidedly new and extraordinary. Such an unusual joint event can be a corporate party at the with real military weapons.

Don’t worry; everything is perfectly safe and legal!

Shooting from military weapons will take place under the full control of qualified employees. Everyone will like it – the most accurate shooters will be infinitely proud of themselves, and the rest will be able to enjoy the pleasant experience of the opportunity to try their hand at real firearms.

Who is suitable for a corporate party in a shooting club?

The reasons for a joint vacation can be very different. It completely depends on the degree of involvement of the management in the corporate life of the staff and the strength of the team spirit of the team itself. The closer the internal relations, the more interesting it is to hold various events for the purpose of entertainment.

Security guarantee

The corporate party program in the dash is absolutely safe. Experienced instructors will help you understand the design of weapons and teach you how to handle weapons safely. Everyone will undergo a mandatory briefing, which will allow them to learn how to use weapons and learn measures to prevent the possibility of creating dangerous situations. Shooting club employees are shooting professionals who can prompt, teach and explain. Targets are located in the same direction at different distances. You can start with small-caliber options or pneumatics to make it easier to learn the features of the correct positions and support when aiming. The attention of our instructors will be drawn to all the nuances of the correct handling of weapons, including the reloading process, preparation for firing and a ceasefire.

There will be personnel controlling the process near the shooters. You can always ask questions and ask for advice, as well as ask for help if necessary.


At the Bisley Shooting Ground, you can celebrate not only an office corporate party or team building, but also any other holiday – a birthday, an anniversary, a stag party, a bachelorette party, a private party. Festive mood, a sea of ​​delight, an adrenaline rush, an unusual experience, unforgettable emotions, and maybe even a new permanent hobby.