Compare the plug to other EV companies

EV companies
EV companies

The Nasdaq Index, or Nasdaq Composite Index, is an index of all securities traded on the US NASDAQ. Together with the Dow Jones index and the S&P 500 index, it is the third most monitored index in the US. Due to the fact that the majority of technology shares are listed on the NASDAQ exchange, the development of the Nasdaq Composite price is also strongly influenced by the development of the technology industry.

We see the historical moment of electric cars. This field flies, and other adjacent clean techniques such as Prapagus (NASDAQ: Plug) increases. Why is there a professional suitable like that? Look at a small group. Styly (NASDAQ plugIDEX at reaches $ 1,500 per week and has an action to reach the maximum number of records. With him, Eldoms has become one of ten wealthy in the world.  On the other hand, Chinese electric vehicle conductors (NYSE: NIO) are reduced from the closest and damaged shear this year. Your behavior is above new. Nikola (Nasdaq: NKLA) is also taken and the name of a small hat, like an electronic car (Nasdaq: Solo), moves.

Compare the plug to other EV companies.

It also gives positive attention. However, at any point, we must change the ad with the actual benefits. Performance for people who are not known as details is the leader of the hydrogen fuel cell market. In its history, the company has developed 30,000 hydrogen fuel systems and builds hydrogen fuel networks in North America. Enter the hydrogen forklift in high-intensity scenarios such as industrial plug-ins, especially port manufacturing and distribution. Everything says the plus trend is a hot electric car to visit now.  However, the feed plug should not be sold to the general public. Instead, customers are large companies such as Walmart (NYSE: WMT) and Home Depot (NYSE: HD) importing forklifts from the camp. Tesla or other handsome markets with Nio. The power plug is based on the acquisition of several customer distribution systems. This is another thing compared to the sale of individual cars and trucks. Introducing Tesla and Nikola when you build a luxury consumer brand, the plug is behind more scenes.

Plug Power: A Difficult History

NASDAQ plugs IDEX has been publicly traded for over 20 years and has fallen into the hands of long-term investors. The stock peaked at over $ 1,000 a share during the 2000 tech bubble (after adjusting sales) and has consistently lagged since then. This year the demo helped, but there was not enough food for a long time. Low connector margins are a big problem. The company seems to have a hard time accepting customers. Two customers alone accounted for half of the connector sales in 2019. This gives the end-user more bargaining power and prevents the connector from achieving higher profit margins. In the first quarter of 2020, PlugPower nearly doubled its sales compared to last year. However, quarterly losses increased from $ 20 million last year to $ 26 million. This is not the type of leverage you want. There are many other good stocks like nasdaq and which you can check at