Common mistakes students make during attempting GRE exam

Common mistakes students make during attempting GRE exam

The GRE (graduate record examination) is considered challenging as compared to the ACT or SAT, even though the math section is usually as in the other two tests. It is a mandatory test for admissions to many graduate schools in the USA, Canada, and in few other countries. The GRE is maintained and managed by Educational Testing Service.

While books open a magical door, start with choosing the right book. Popular among toppers are The Princeton Review’s GRE Premium Prep, GRE Prep by Magoosh, and Manhattan Prep’s GRE Strategy Guides. Post GRE, lots of investment goes into masters, so start by being wise now!

Common mistakes that students make

Intentionally no one wants to make a mistake especially after knowing the value of the GRE score. Students who think last-minute work and they’ll scrape through are highly mistaken. Not taking mock tests on a routine basis, making shortcuts to the study plan, and not analyzing your mock tests are mistakes that really make the score dip.

The quantitative section of GRE

There’s a technique of cracking through quants. Quants are the most scoring part of the GRE exam and we Indians are quite good at maths so with adequate practice it can boost up our score. The only success tip is practice and proper approach.

Vocabulary and beyond

Vocabulary at GRE is mainly for Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence. When studying Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion, you have to focus on nuances in sentences and learn to work in context. Without vocabulary, it is rare to beat the verbal section. You need to go beyond words to slay the verbal monster.

How to attempt the GRE exam?

A few questions are designed in such a way in GRE so that they judge your presence of mind and tend to be tricky. Sometimes, the option that seems to be right at first may at times be wrong. Therefore, please cross-check the option every time you confirm an option. This will take care of the silly mistakes and help you excel.

Skip the panic

The timer that keeps running on the screen can haunt you. Repeated mock tests are the one-stop solution to stop that accelerated heartbeat. From the day one decides to do GRE, deep breathing exercises should be practiced to maintain mental health and win over patience on the day of the exam. Stay cautious and do not lose your stability.

Chalking out a plan

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Getting into a proper diet and following a bedtime regime can add to your GRE score. Cramming up information last minute is an absolute no-no. You must give equal attention to all the sections asked in the test and plan accordingly.

Sure, success in GRE

Students are aware that GRE is a Computerized Adaptive Practice Test, so taking mock tests designed on a similar platform is recommended. There is an additional section in the actual GRE and with ample mock tests, you do not peter out on that last section like others usually do. So, please practice 5 sections instead of 4 as it reflects the test conditions more accurately.

Read between the lines

Do not stultify months of toil by practicing TLDR (too long didn’t read). You have to master it to be a quick read so that in one glance the question is crystal clear in your head. There is a difference between reading at leisure and reading with complete focus. This involves reading the keywords and not overlooking confusing words.

Going through the paper

The paper will seem blurred if you are not well-armed. Your concentration, time management, and the ease with which you solve the paper right through the end are your true lethal weapons of getting a very high score.

Importance of mock papers

Mock tests are like a power play. The more mock papers you solve, the chances of your high score multiply. Mock tests train you to manage your time without stressing. You will be able to read with comfort and scan through the actual paper much faster with routine mock tests.

Top tips to crack GRE:

  • Plan wisely
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Mock tests (solve 5 sections)
  • Add to your strength by achieving your weaknesses
  • Stay positive

The score lies in your hands solely. It is only up to you, how to grab it or drag it! All the best.