Cleaning Services Company in Singapore – How to Look for a Professional Cleaning Service Provider


Does the thought of a mop or window cleaner dampen your spirits? Dust and fatigue are all you can think of. Saturdays were your family’s general cleaning day and with a tough mum, everyone had to do his chore well. If work wasn’t done to her satisfaction, you wouldn’t go anywhere until things look right. Probably what cut you through is when friends would cycle past your home on their way to an exciting race. The sound of their bells heightened your frustrations. Isn’t it ironic to resent the cleaning day while you know that a dirty environment can adversely affect your health?

If you are a firm that has its headquarters in a large storey building, then cleaning services are a priority. With the entry and exits of hundreds daily, it’s easy for the premise to appear unkempt. Not just from customers but also some employees who are just untidy. These are the ones who are constantly spilling coffee on the carpet and miss the bin when disposing of snack wrappers. Such an environment will definitely mess the company’s good reputation.

Whether you want the house or office to look sparkling, a professional cleaning services company is up to the task. While it is cheaper to hire a local cleaner, why contract a cleaning company? For one thing, they are more accountable. If anything happens, say theft, you simply communicate your complaints. Also, their staff is trained in different services. Hiring the right people on the job is essential. If you are looking for a cleaning services company in Singapore, here is what you should consider.


A professional cleaning service provider will always have standards for practice. These principles dictate their code of conduct during service delivery. If you choose to do a web search, take a thorough look at their certification. Also, visiting the offices and viewing these certificates is additional proof of their authenticity. Possession of the documents means that they have undergone vetting by relevant bodies and thus approved for practice.


Why not ask your family, colleges or friends? They might have one or two trusted companies in mind especially if they are their customers. When others speak favourably about a particular company, it might be worth your try. If it’s one negative comment after another, you may want to continue your search. Hearing from others helps because business persons will always entice customers with honey-like words while in reality, they are quacks who do a shoddy job.

Reviews are also useful. What have other customers experienced? A reasonable amount of positive comments is okay. However, be cautious when there are very few or no displeased customers. Most likely, they are paid reviews. Since no one can deliver 100%, be balanced.

Staff training

Sessions to improve work quality by employees are important. Additionally, they need to learn how to relate to clients. That’s the aim of training. Any reputable company capitalizes on sharpening the skills of staff members.

With technological advancements, new machines and tools enhance the work done. For example, vacuum cleaners that consume less energy are better than the traditional ones. The long-serving employees need training on how to handle such equipment. Also, the client may have delicate items that have specific cleaning instructions. Damages might be incurred if the proper procedure isn’t followed. Make sure the company meets this criterion. Don’t underestimate the value of trained staff.

Services offered

Ideally, qualified companies offer a full package when it comes to cleaning. They aren’t limited to some services. They can handle sanitation, outdoor as well as indoor cleaning. Tell me about hitting not two but three birds with the same stone. You are therefore at ease when only one company is answerable to all matters pertaining to cleaning. Funds are saved since it would be expensive to hire different people for each job.

Cleaning practices

While companies differ in their structures, there are generally accepted methods of operation. It is expected that any professional cleaning services company should provide essential equipment for work. Dust masks and gloves are important. It is not only ethical but also shows the employer’s high value for the employees’ health.

Cleaning reagents might be hazardous to the environment, therefore, find out which products are used by the service provider. Green cleaning involves the use of eco-friendly cleaning brands. It’s a win-win. Your space is polished and mother nature is preserved. Products having high percentages of harmful chemicals present a risk to the occupants’ health. Therefore, cleaning practices should not be overlooked.

Company employees

The management might conceal some information to appear impressive to prospective clients. If possible, have a chat with several employees. They know things as they are on the ground. Are they happy doing their job or their boss is too oppressive? Are they insured in case of work-related injuries? Often, their attitude has a bearing on the output. If their superiors are harsh, they might perform their tasks grudgingly. And whose equipment gets destroyed thanks to foul moods? Yours! On the other hand, satisfied employees often do a good job.

Permanent workers are more reliable than temporary ones. If the same crew works in your house, it’s easier to trust them. Different faces showing up every time your home or office gets cleaned might make you uncomfortable. They could come across important information or clean fragile assets. Tracking will be simpler in case of damages if the employee is permanent.

The bottom line

Why live in a mess just because you find cleaning boring? If your busy schedule has limited free time or the office needs to be dusted, a professional cleaning services company is a good pick. Don’t brush off the idea just because they charge more than the regular cleaners. Being in business, they will most likely want to offer the best. From recruiting qualified personnel to training them, they want to ensure a constant flow of clients.

Use the aforementioned qualifications as your checklist. By doing thorough research on the available companies, you will find one that suits your needs and is within your budget. Happy searching!