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Chris Rock Net Worth, Biography, Career and Awards in 2020

Chris Rock Net Worth
Chris Rock Net Worth

Chris Rock Net Worth

Full Name Christopher Julius Rock
Occupation Stand Up Comedian
Net Worth $100 Million


Chris Rock opted for the profession of a stand-up comedian. The famous American stand-up comedian is also an actor, director, film producer, and screenwriter. Chris Rock is reported to have a total net worth of $100 million. His source of wealth majorly involves remuneration from comedy acts, TV shows, and films. Chris came to higher visibility after he was cast as a member of Saturday Night Live in 1990. In no time, Chris became a coronation in the club’s circuit, and there upon started getting TV roles. Rock’s career has been making strides since he got his much-needed break from Saturday Night. Chris Rock started his stand-up comedy career in 1984.

1996 banged the drum for Rock as his sophomore HBO special entitled “Bring the Pain” gained him many critical kudos and two Emmy Awards. After 9 years of a long break on the stage of SNL, Chris in 2009, made his first-ever debut on Forbes Celebrity 100 list which archives the 100 Highest-Earning Entertainers in the world. it is a known fact that a celebrity has done great financially when he/she meets Forbes cut-off and when it comes to the context of net worth in the industry, you become a panjandrum of the century. Chris attained substantial success in the startup comedy and his career; he was able to accumulate massive wealth.

The outpouring of dollars began for Chris when he got renowned as “America’s Funniest Man”, his no regret tour, and fee from 4 films and that one TV show, “Everybody Hates Chris” which became the most-watched TV show on the UPN network and subsequently went to syndication. Since then, the next time Chris rocked on Forbes 100 list was in 2017 with a lucrative paycheck of $57 million and it was all thanks to his mega-deal with Netflix that he achieved this milestone in his career.

Chris’s calculated earnings of $42 million within just 12 months. The humongous paycheck of 2008 HBO special – Kill the Messenger was largely responsible to have added more liquidity to his funds. Chris Rock’s net worth has shown a hike of 39% over the past few years. Chris Rock recently took into the ownership of the ostentatious Bentley luxury car for $610,000 USD.

Rock has also penned success as a voice actor. He gave his voice to a character in the successful film “Madagascar” (2005 – 2012). The film named I’m Gonna Git You Sucka starring Chris was a great success, and a lot of appreciation goes to his work for that. His work for TV shows and movies like Miami Vice, Boomerang, CB4, Panther, also made him earn brilliantly.