Choosing the Right SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization

If you’re embarking on a new marketing strategy for your website or small business, it’s important to consider a few main points. Many of the basic strategies for optimising your website can be done with very little knowledge of how search engines work. If you feel confident in editing your own website, and reading a lot of information, then things can be done slowly and over time, as a learning process. However, not everyone has got the time for that and needs to look for a third party to help. Freelence SEOs or agencies are easy to find, but not all are easy to understand. As one of the top digital marketing gold coast, Digital Junkies provides the best seo services In gold coast. Many employ hard sell techniques which some website owners fall for and others are more analytical to their approach.

Perhaps the first thing you should expect from an agency or a freelancer when you contact them is a site evaluation. This is normally given free of charge, and those who insist on charging for their time may not always be worth their fees. A good SEO will give sufficient enlightenment into the problems your website has and the ways they propose to tackle the situation, without giving too much away for you to take their work and ask for estimates elsewhere. Some prefer to do this in person, some via email and some over the phone. Which you prefer can depend entirely on the type of person you are. There are those who prefer a face to face approach, those who like to have things written down for reference, and other who prefer a voice, but not the intimacy of a one-on-one meeting. I personally like to establish an initial contact in person, as rapport between customer and client is easier – it’s more of a partnership than a client service. After all, it’s their website, not yours.

Link building starts with creating contacts with other webmasters and bloggers who link to your site and share similar content on their pages. In the beginning your back links will be with lower rated pages until you gain the attention of higher rated pages. The link building process is much like moving away from the place you have lived all your life to a new city in a new state. When you first arrive, no one knows you. You have to network and go out to meet new people who in turn introduce you to other new people. The first contacts you make will give you a name by association, so most people aim to meet people who are positive and have a good name. In time you have a large network of contacts you can associate with and mingle among. Your webpage is practically nonexistent until you branch out and get to know your neighbors. Your webpage contacts work the same way, associate your page with higher ranking pages and in turn your page will receive a higher ranking as well.

Start off locating guest posting sites with a higher rating than some other sites your site would be comparable to. Be prepared to be turned down, just don’t give up. There are more opportunities than you will be able to keep up with. Build your links slowly to start off with. After your first dozen or so base links you can increase your rate of link building with little to no fear of being removed from the indexing system. Now you are on your way to webmaster success.

Any SEO worth their salt will provide monthly reports (or more on request) of ranking positions if this is a priority with clients, conversion reports if the owner prefers to concentrate on this side of the business. They will be fully prepared to show, in real terms, what they have done on a monthly basis providing proof of link acquisition, additional advertising, experiments carried out, and so on. “Digital Junkies, SEO gold Coast provides the monthly report to the clients.” They will explain to the client (assuming they are interested) the processes involved, and receive their input about the business from the business owner, which is the best person to help! In many situations, the majority of good SEOs don’t need to explain the details of their work as it speaks for itself. However, a client should never feel out of place asking this kind of question, and anyone offering smoke screens and cloak and dagger style “magic approaches” which are industry secrets and the like should be fired on the spot.