Ceremonies, rallies to celebrate Brona Taylor’s 1st death anniversary

Brona Taylor's


On March 13, 2020, police officers broke through the door to issue a search warrant at his home and shot Breona Taylor to death.

A year later, his death and name continues to call for change in policing, systemic racism, and other issues affecting Louisville, Kentucky, and countless

other city dwellers.

Events and rallies are planned this weekend in major US cities such as New York, Washington and Atlanta in honor of the 26-year-old black woman.

Hundreds of people gathered in Louisville before 13:00. Justice Brona Taylor for the rally and procession at Jefferson Square Park on Saturday.

Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, and other family members lead the rally, attended by speakers and community organizers.

It’s about fairness, said Sadeka Reynolds, CEO of Louisville Urban League. For our children and my daughter this is about our power to change the world …

So we made sure no one else died at the hands of the police.

Investigation: Black women like Breona Taylor die every day at the hands of the police. This time we said their names.

Depth: Is enough police reform enough to prevent a larger Brenona Taylor case in Louisville?

On Saturday afternoon, the Brecona Taylor Foundation will sponsor a food delivery program in the park and a pop-up mall honoring black merchants will

commemorate Taylor.

Weekend events held in honor of Taylor will end on Sunday with the Public Empowerment Branch, which will be attended by a number of speakers.

It’s Saturday morning to celebrate the first anniversary of the death of Kentucky Govt Taylor. Andy Barrier made a statement.

“Today we remember the tragic and unnecessary loss of Brauna Taylor, and her tremendous work before us,” said Besheer. I will never understand the

inconceivable grief of Tamica Palmer and other families and loved ones, but I am determined to listen and work with others to build a more just and equal

Commonwealth for every Kentucky.

The FBI’s field office in Louisville also said on Saturday morning that it is actively investigating all aspects of his death and will continue to ruthlessly

work until the investigation is complete.

A pen will likely be placed in Jefferson Square Park, which saw many protests since the deaths of George Floyd and Brauna Taylor last summer, according to a

press release from Mayor Greg Fisher’s office this spring.

Protests against the 2020 racist trial will be commemorated in front of the brand and contain the following message:

Built in 1978, Jefferson Square Park was built in memory of the first reactionaries killed in action. In 2020, the trial of Brecona Taylor, a black woman who

was tragically killed by a Louisville metro police search warrant, became a rare place for plaintiffs. Demonstrators called it unfair square park and

attracted worldwide attention.

Vincent James, head of the city’s community building, said this would be a lasting reminder of the challenges we face as a city and as a nation, and the work

we do to transform our city from tragedy.

The following week, the city announced that they would work with the family to remove and preserve memories left in the park.