Catch the Growth along with TikTok

TikTok Growth
TikTok Growth

TikTok as a user-driven platform successfully urges creators on creating original video content, with rich and varied topics. We do know TikTok ‘s slogan in China is “Records everything about nice life”, which easily trigger people to create, post and share, and this feature makes TikTok and users combined closely like “sticker”. Higher engagement, as a key feature makes TikTok thrives on user-generated content, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube. Then we have a question, how to catch the impressive growth along with TikTok?

In order to understand how does TikTok growing impressively, we need figure out the its basic logics, what includes definition, algorithm and practice.

Definition of logics

A good business is to offer users happiness or heal their pain, so this lead to our topic, how can we use the nice records to combine users’ happiness and our products with that “nice”?

First, we need to assume what means “nice” in user’s mind? The point is to find out what mostly users concerning about, and what you find better be rare.

Second, we need to find out all feature of “nice”, better be flashy.

Third, think about how your products could be combine with those features?

At last, create a scene, make the above happen in the scene. This procedure is actually offering a solution to users.

TikTok viewer enables to collect related statistics to get ideal definition when beginning.

Algorithm of logics we already have an article 3 Stage of TikTok Algorithm, you can find complete idea there. The more thing we need to discuss next is practice.

Practice of logics

The key of this part finds out your core users. Here is the new question, who is my core users? The whole digging process actually is a data collecting and analyzing procedure, it will help us to filter all data accurately. There is a way could share with all creators.

  1. Target 10 topics aiming for, target 10 accounts in each topic, target 10 followers in each account.
  2. Target each likes list of the followers.
  3. Target all comments and likes of who leave comments.

Using above collection then you can get a data metrics for what we need, by digging up it is easy to set up our accurate target finally. All data from TikTok itself, and all information hiding in TikTok itself, keep doing in-depth TikTok analytics.