Careprost Eyelash Serum for Long and Thick Eyelashes


Careprost may be a substance that creates dreams of long, thick, and thick eyelashes come true. However, it’s controversial as some believe it will be harmful to the eyes. We check if it’s true.

What is careprost?

Careprost is a living substance, an artificial derivative of prostaglandins, i.e., hormones that occur in our body and are responsible, among others, for the phase of the hair growth cycle. That’s why it had been decided to use it in eyelash serums, due to which eyelashes grow faster and become thicker, darker, and denser.

Unfortunately, it’s said that Buy careprost can cause various side effects, including conjunctivitis, low vision, tearing, itching, and burning. Before the substance was included in eyelash cosmetics, it was issued on a prescription, and careprost drops were utilized by patients affected by glaucoma.

Concerned by these reports, and at the identical time thirsty for spectacularly long and thick eyelashes, we decided to ask an expert for advice. Should we avoid eyelash serums containing careprost eye drops and Bimatoprost Online, which give excellent results?

How to use eyelash serums?

First of all: makeup removal.

To properly apply the eyelash serum, you wish to get rid of your makeup thoroughly. Why? First of all, makeup removal should be done every evening, irrespective of whether we use eyelash serum. And secondly, because only through clean skin, active ingredients of eyelash conditioners can get to the hair follicles and eyelash bulbs and nourish them. Makeup removal is completed with a cosmetic suited to the sort of skin and makeup that we did within the morning (we will choose a two-phase liquid for waterproof cosmetics, ordinary milk for sensitive skin, etc.). After washing off the colored cosmetics, dry your face, paying particular attention to the eyelids. Only then will we apply an eyelash conditioner.

Second: the appliance.

After removing makeup, we will apply eyelash conditioner. We bonk with a brush or brush. Use the comb to color a line along the lash line on the upper and lower eyelids. The comb is lain the whole length of the eyelashes, from the roots to the ideas. In both cases, you must not scoop a large amount of the merchandise onto the applicator – the eyelashes could stay together or become cursed with white lumps (remnants of the conditioner). The applying is disbursed every evening until the specified results are achieved. Then the eyelash serum is applied every two or three days.

Third: treatment.

To get the required results, you ought to use an eyelash conditioner regularly. The complete treatment lasts from six to even ten months. During the visit, follow the instructions within the leaflet. If any irritation occurs, immediately rinse the eyes with many glasses of water, discontinue the treatment, and see a dermatologist or ophthalmologist within the event of a significant allergy.

Fourth: durability of effects.

How long the consequences of long and thick lashes last after the treatment is finished depends on two factors. First, on whether we followed the instructions within the leaflet. Secondly, on what ingredients the eyelash conditioner contained and the way strong their effect was. The sturdiness of the consequences depends on our regularity in applying the merchandise. If we abandon the applying, the products will quickly disappear or won’t be as we dreamed. The ingredients also influence the sturdiness of the results. Among others, keratin, vitamin E, mucopolysaccharide have the most substantial effect.

How to make eyelashes stronger reception

The growth and density of hair rely upon several factors: genetics, proper nutrition, external influences. so as for the eyelashes to grow long and thick, you would like to follow some simple rules:

use high-quality decorative cosmetics, if possible hypoallergenic, containing useful vitamins and minerals;

do not remove makeup with soap. Use special products to remove mascara from eyelashes carefully;

periodically give your hair and skin a prospect from cosmetics;

protect eyes, skin, and hair against the harmful effects of sunlight;

sometimes use special methods to strengthen the hair.

Effective methods of accelerating eyelashes reception

Probably the sole quick thanks to getting very long eyelashes. In salons, specialists can give both natural and artificial fibers for false eyelashes. When choosing extended models, a lady can desire a true goddess at any holiday, but medium-length eyelashes are more suitable for living standards.

The significant advantage of eyelash augmentation this way is that there’s no need for extra curling and lots of cosmetics. Additionally, false eyelashes stuck to the eyelid’s surface don’t hurt their own. Visually, the form of the eyes changes even with extended eyelashes.

The disadvantage of build-up is the inability to use greasy creams or lotions, swimming within the water. It’s not recommended to rub your eyes or screw your face in an exceeding pillow. A private allergy to the components of the eyelash glue could also be a contraindication.

Before eyelash extension reception, it’s essential to make your mind up which models to decide on. There are eyelashes in bundles and ribbons. The bundles add density in specific areas, and therefore, the stripes create an opulent lash effect right along the expansion line. The eyelashes should be applied after the makeup, ranging from the outer to the attention’s inner corner.

Partial sticking of the bundles is performed only up to the center of the attention on the natural eyelashes near the eyelid. The tape is attached to the eyelid itself. Long and delightful long eyelashes reception – a decent option, but not long-term. Cosmetologists don’t recommend sleeping with them, so you wish to rest by removing them with a unique tool.