Can I Choose The Gender of My Baby?

Can I Choose The Gender of My Baby ?

Alright, so you are eager to choose the gender of your baby. With old times, the set conceived notion was set that the gender of a baby is in the hands of nature. But, thanks to the advancement in technology and science, it is possible to choose the gender of the child. The Gender selection consultation Los Angeles and USA is very much possible. There are sets of fertility treatments that can be practiced to identify the embryos of the baby. There is a stigma and a stereotype attached to the idea of the gender of a baby. Some parts of the country favor a boy over a girl. However, some practice and talk about equality and accepting the god gift with any gender. As the parents are the sole creator of the child, you have the full right to decide the gender of your baby.

There could be multiple reasons as to why someone wants a pre-know baby.

Some people want to undergo treatment as they do not want to pass the genetic disorder to their children. It could also be possible that a couple has a child of one gender and wants another gender for the second baby. For example, 1 girl and one boy is an ideal scenario seen. Many people want to go through this because they want to ensure a proper regime of family balancing. As per the survey which is conducted, there are 105 boys born of 100 girls. All new parents do celebrate the phase of pregnancy. In hearts of hearts, every parent secretly fantasizes about holding their baby. Each one of us does have a preference. There could be any reason, and it is personal. Parents start to buy pink dresses or boxer shoe planning for their upcoming child.

The science behind having babies

As per science, the evolution of gender of babies depended on the father. A woman has an x chromosome, yet the man has a y or X chromosome. A small guided process can be explained for better understanding. A medication is given to form eggs. Once this is done, the mother egg is fertilized with the father’s egg and is kept in the laboratory. A single cell is removed from the egg and is sent for genetic analysis. Thereafter the gender of the baby is revealed, and it is also checked whether the eggs are healthy or not. The egg is chosen (the parents will choose egg x or y) is inserted into the uterus of a woman’s body, conferring to the gender of the baby.

A common saying is told that there are 50% chances of having a girl and a 50% chance of having a boy.

This is not true rather it is made -belief. At the end of the day, it is your luck. So, instead of leaving it on the side, if you have got a choice, then why not do it. The entire process is safe and healthy to be done and performed. Everything will be done under the provision of best researched and qualified doctors. Many women go through silent sadness, guilt, and desperation. People twist and question things oftentimes. Your feelings or emotions are valid.

Gender Selection USA of your child is not wrong, and it is your right. It is completely okay.

This blog is written because we feel the need to spread this information to all masses. The truth which is grounded in science must be unfolded. Irrespective of the fact that different people can have varying opinions on the same subject matter, we respect everyone’s opinions. Our main goal is to inform, unite and inspire people. People need not hold themselves from any pressure. With science, their dream can come true.