Buying Guide on Safety Boots in Kenya

Safety Boots in Kenya
Safety Boots in Kenya

Safety boots prices in Kenya are considered quite affordable to the users, retailing at around 2800 Kenyan shillings. When you look at the value they bring, they are fully worth it. Safety boots are a top provider of safety boots within the country and region at large. These products guarantee safety, hygiene, and comfort in the work environment

Why should you invest in safety boots? 

To ensure the safety of employees while on duty. Accidents are inevitable in our environments. It is common to have a slide, a fall on the floor or a dangerous machine, exposure to hazardous chemicals, etc. Comfort at their workplace has a direct correlation to productivity. If safety is guaranteed, the work will be done efficiently and fast

To ensure comfort at the workplace. For an employee who has long and extreme hours, their comfort is key to ensure productivity. Working in comfortable shoes in a conducive environment helps keep the focus on what is needed at work

Due to their effectiveness, some companies have made it a requirement in the work environment. These companies and factories; both private and public range in the manufacturing and construction industries. These industries have high risks involved due to heavy and complex machinery and slippery floors that are harmful to the feet. The law is clear on accidents that occur in the workplace; you risk being jailed or have hefty fines imposed on you to cater to the employee’s treatment

What to consider when choosing the right safety boots

When scouting for safety boots, anyone new may struggle to make the right choice. This is due to the saturated market with brands and designs that promise optimal performance. So, what brand should you choose and why? I have a few pointers on what to be keen on before your purchase

Work environments may differ, therefore it is paramount for you to select the right boots. Your work may involve a construction site with access to heavy machineries such as excavators or large blocks of bricks. This specific environment requires boots that protect the workers from impact in case of an accident. The workspace may involve large water bodies such as building deep dams, in this case, you need a waterproof boot

The level of risk should determine the material the boots require. The boots remade of various materials such as polymer, fabric, composite toe, or steel toe. Some of the risks may include 

Exposure to mechanical risks. These are the most common accidents that vary from falls, crushes of high impact. For these risks, you need boots with composite toes

Exposure to chemical toxins and acids. The boots need to be safe from these chemicals and their corrosive nature

Exposure to electrical toxins. The boots should be antistatic to repel these currents

Exposure to thermal risks. These accidents require boots specific with joule resistance on the toes, a closed back, and the anti-slip soles

Care to the foot and hygiene 

When looking at hygiene standards, the shoe should allow air circulation and moisture retention to ensure a dry foot. Always go for a size bigger for enough comfort

Proper support

The boots should offer the right support to the feet. This feature is determined by features of the sole,  height, midsoles, and outer

Safety boots prices in Kenya are considered fairly affordable for the skilled workers in need. These safety boots aim at providing workers with boots that offer them protection, comfort, and high productivity in their workspaces. These boots are sold as single orders and bulk orders for companies. These boots are for both women and men, visit the stores with a wide range of variety boots and get a pair specific to your needs.