Budget Ways to Spruce Up Your Home After a Hectic Summer

Although many people plan out their home decorating projects for the summer months, these plans do not always go the way they hoped. Now, with the summer fading faster than you expected, you might be looking at your home decorating to-do list with dismay. Not only this, but the summer can leave your home in a state of disarray, with a stream of guests and children home from school. Then, if you are already worried about what your house will look like by the end of the summer period, read on for some of the best ways that you can spruce up your home on a budget.

Get Coupons

When you first decide that you want to spruce up your home come fall, you should look around for some of the best coupons that are on offer. Most of the biggest home décor brands offer coupons to take the strain off your home projects off your bank account. For instance, Valpak offers Kohls coupons that can allow you to get everything from new bedding to bathroom accessories for a low price. These accessories can instantly brighten up your rooms and give your home a completely new look. Then, coupons will allow you to redecorate your house in subtle ways even if you previously thought that you would not be able to afford to do so.

Replace Soft Furnishings

If you do not have time or the cash to take on huge redecoration projects, you should consider some of the simpler and yet most effective ways that you can spruce up the appearance of your home. For instance, your rugs, throws, cushions and curtains may be starting to look dull, especially if your kids have spent all summer spilling drinks and wiping muddy shoes on them. Then, you should consider replacing all of the soft furnishings in your home with brand-new options. New soft furnishings can instantly give your rooms a different atmosphere and can also help to hide any major flaws in your room’s appearance, such as scratched floorboards and chipped paintwork. This is also an easy way to keep up with home design trends without completely renovating your rooms, as you will be able to add fashionable colors and patterns to your home’s palette.

Add a Splash of Paint

Your paintwork is usually one of the first elements of your home décor to get damaged, or to look worn and tired. From children scribbling on your walls to pets knocking into them, it is not uncommon to find that your paintwork becomes chipped, stained or muddied within a few days of completing it. Then, you should try to cover your home with a fresh coat of paint whenever you can. You could either decide to opt for the same color as you already have on your walls or switch it up completely to give your home a new theme or atmosphere. However, if you are fed up are constantly having to re-paint your walls, you should consider replacing the paint with wallpaper, as this can give your walls a polished finish within minutes.

Up-cycle Your Furniture

It can be incredibly upsetting if one of your favorite pieces of furniture gets damaged in the chaos of the summer months. However, rather than crying over spilled milk, you should consider up-cycling or restoring all of your furniture once the warmer weather is over. For instance, you could opt to change the style of your furniture completely to create a shabby chic look, or simply work on restoring your furniture to its former glory. You should also think about whether your furniture items need reupholstering, as the fabric portion of your chairs and sofas can often become drab and faded before the furniture item in question is completely beyond use.

Bring in Plants

Adding plants to your home is one of the cheapest options for sprucing up your home. Houseplants can add vitality to any room and can allow you to bring the outdoors in, even when the weather outside is less enticing. However, if you have pets, you need to be incredibly wary of the plants that are poisonous to them. You also need to consider where you are going to place your plants, as each type of plant likes different positions and amounts of sunlight. If a houseplant sounds like too much stress for you, you should consider plucking flowers from your garden to restock the vases in your home without spending a cent.

Tidy Up

Your home might not need redecorating to spruce it up, though, and many a home simply need a bit of tidying to look its best. Then, if a hectic summer has left toys, books, and arts and crafts sprawled across your tables and even your floor, you should get stuck in and spend some time tidying up your home. To do this, you should make sure that your home has a generous amount of storage containers and that everything has a place within your home. If you plan on throwing items away, you should make sure that you discuss the items that you intend to chuck with your family before you throw them, as this can help you to avoid arguments. If the thought of tidying your home all at once is too much, you should consider making a schedule that will allow you to tidy your home a little bit at a time.