Bouncy Seed

Bouncy Seed
Bouncy Seed

Here is another wonderful game for you to play in your free time. That is the game Bouncy Seed. As the name tells here the main role in the game is a bouncing little seed named Paul. This is quite an interesting game and I am sure that you will love it for sure.

About the game

This nice game Bouncy Seed is now becoming popular among most of the gamers all around the world because the game is very interesting to play. I love the simple graphics and the music and sounds of the game a lot. It refreshes my mind no matter the stresses I face in my busy life. When I want to calm my mind then unintentionally, I used to play this nice game.

As mentioned already you can meet a cute lovely little friend. That is a cute little seed. A seed who needs a better place to germinate. He prefers to germinate in a far way place from his origin. For that purpose, the little seedseek your help. You have to help him to reach a faraway place. Help the seed to find the best place to germinate.

What you have to do?

Playing this game is really simple. Use your finger and draw trampolines. Beware to avoid the obstacles when drawing the trampolines. The angle of the trampoline can change by avoiding the obstacles and the challenges. You only have to do this simple task to make your little seed to moves. The seed will reach your trampoline when you draw a one and then bounces up through the sly. In here the little seed can collect the sunlight points.

Along your journey you will be able to hit rainbows and some birds too. By hitting a rainbow, the seed can get more power to move faster to reach a higher distance. To win you have to reach the maximum distance possible. Beware about the angry birds, rivers, water ways, heavy winds and so on along the journey. Because they can stop you without moving forward at any moment.

This game allows you to create your own rainbows too. I am sure that you all will love this cool game as soon as you begin to play the game. if you want to try a relaxing and charming game then this is the best platform for you. download it now on your Android. Android mobile or tablet. You can download this game easily from your App Store including Google Play Store, AC Market, and Aptoide. For Android TV boxes can use Filelinked or Aptoide TV.