Birthday Cake with Name and Photo

Birthday Cake


Celebrating birthdays is an old trend where people enjoy the day of their birth in different ways. It is the day of happiness and the start of another year with new zeal and enthusiasm. The cake is the symbol of happiness and sweetness therefore cutting a cake on birthdays is essential. Celebrations are incomplete without cake. The first cakes in human history were the pieces of bread with honey. Over time, cakes became more fancy and yummy. Now the cake experts prepare cakes of every kind, taste, and shape. You can even get a tree-like cake as well as doll shaped cake, depending upon your choice. Birthday cakes are mostly cream cakes with different designs etc. Now you can get a birthday cake with a name and photo too. Birthday cakes with names are now common but a bit tricky.

Send birthday wishes with cakes

You can send and eat a Birthday cake with name but if you are far away from your loved ones, you can send beautiful birthday wishes. Now send customized beautiful birthday cakes with names and photos to your loved ones. Get beautiful customized images with high-quality graphics and sweet designs. You can also use these images to give a sample to the cake expert to prepare the same cake for you.

Why you should send birthday wishes?

You should send your birthday wishes to your loved ones to express your love and concern for them. Some people think that it is not necessary to wish on a birthday because love and feelings are in the heart and we can show that love with care only. But this concept is not right. You should show your love and sweet feelings with cakes, gifts, and beautiful wishes. Like a plant needs water to grow also with nutritious soil, the human heart and soul also need beautiful words to stay healthy. A birthday without wishes and cakes looks dry and sad so always wish your loved ones on their birthday and celebrate their day. You need to send wishes and cakes on birthdays because:

  • Love needs expression
  • Birthday is a day like a day of recreation
  • Care needs words too
  • The heart needs the food of love and expression
  • Your relations are important and their special days is more than everything

When you wish your loved ones on their day, they feel special and happy, and what is better than happiness?

What you can do when you are far away?

When you are far away from your loved ones but you want to celebrate their day and want them to realize their importance for you, you can send them beautiful cakes with names and wishes. Now you can also add a photo with cakes to give a gesture of love and care. You can use these cake samples to prepare a yummy cake with names. These cakes will put a lovely impression that will bring happiness to the faces of your loved ones. You can customize the cake according to your own choice or you can modify it according to the birthday girl/boy’s choice.

How to get a birthday cake with the name

You can easily get a Birthday cake with name and photo by visiting the site and check the list of available cakes and wishes packages. You can also ask the organizers for cakes of your choice or can select from the list. Select the cake and click on the image. Enter the name of your loved one and click on “Generate”. The program will generate a beautiful cake with a name. You can send these cakes to your loved ones with beautiful wishes.