Best ways to use hair oil to reap maximum benefits for healthy hair

Best ways to use hair oil to reap maximum benefits for healthy hair

There are so many reasons why continuous stimulation on the scalp is appreciated by all but the most important one is muscle and tension relaxation. Your body has a response mechanism set for almost all types of touches, yet the direct connection to the brain has more scientific backing to its name.

According to multiple medical studies, massaging the hair and scalp to cure headaches, neck ache, low or high BP, etc. is a common practice by general physicians. This is because massaging at one point can increase the blood circulation in that particular area, releasing any pent up tension in the muscles altogether.

How to use hair oil for maximum benefits?

Today, almost everyone, especially females, has a dedicated hair care routine to ensure the hair and scalp are both healthy and well-nourished. To state the fact, hair oil can alone address all your hair-related issues including hair fall, dandruff, hair thinning, etc. However, it is important to know how to use it to ensure maximum benefits. There are many ways to ensure you are making the best use of the hair oil you apply and some of them are as follows-

Oil is the most nourishing addition to your hair care routine if used correctly.

Choosing The Right Hair Oil

The first and most essential step is to understand your hair type and invest in a hair oil. The main reason why this holds high weightage is because almost all brands have their own version of hair oils and one type does not suit all. Additionally, with the introduction of natural hair oil, switching to the one which serves the right purpose of hair nourishment is of a high necessity today. Also, the current trend in the market is going organic so choosing an organic natural hair oil is far better than settling for a store-bought one.

Heating The Oil

Just as we enjoy fresh warm food more as opposed to cold frozen items, similarly heating the oil for bringing it up to a little higher temperature is more beneficial for your hair and scalp. However, between hot pressed branded oil and cold-pressed or natural hair oil, only the natural hair oil sustains its entire nutritional benefits after light heating. The main purpose of warming up the oil right before using it on your hair is essential as it provides the hair follicles with a seal that retains moisture within the scale.

Mixing Different Oils

The beauty of natural hair oil is that each has a different advantage and all available natural oils can be combined with one another, without affecting their individual functionality. For instance, if you have trouble managing dry scalp and severe hair loss, you can combine coconut natural hair oil with castor essential oil to massage your scalp. Both these natural oils together will increase the overall nourishment value offered by a great per cent.

Using Cotton

The old classic method of applying natural hair oil or store-bought hair oil with the help of your fingertips is no longer doing you any favour. According to research, the application of natural hair oil on the scalp with the pressure of fingertips can cause the hair cuticles to tense up, resulting in breakage and hair fall. However, using a small ball of cotton to lightly dark and massage natural hair oil into your scalp allows easy and appropriate penetration of the oil into the hair follicles, reaping out the maximum benefits the oil can offer.

Oiling Regularly

The false belief that the self-secreted and produced sebum is enough to keep the hair and scalp nourished has changed the number of oil applications required weekly to maintain hair health. No matter whether you are using natural hair oil or hot-pressed oil, irregular use will only weaken the hair strength and lower hair quality. It is recommended to apply a generous amount of your natural hair oils directly onto your scalp at least two times a week minimum to give the best nourishment to your scalp. This in turn will promote healthier hair growth and reduce other hair problems like scalp irritation, hair loss, etc.

Overall, to make the most of your next head massage, make sure you are following some or most of the above-mentioned tactics. This will evidently increase your hair quality and scalp health. Other hair benefits of regular use of natural hair oil include less or no hair breakage, better hair elasticity, not too frizzy, bouncy and fresh hair, etc.

There are so many different organic natural hair oils available in the market today which include Juicy Chemistry organic hair oil, Parachute Coconut oil, Figaro Olive oil, etc. So, go do the research and find the most suitable natural hair oil for your hair type and take your first step towards improved hair health.