Best vape pens for CBD in 2021

vape pens for CBD

Out of the over 109 cannabinoids discovered in the Cannabis Plant, CBD is the most widely accepted and decriminalized. Many CBD users can attest that CBD has affected them positively in terms of their health and wellness. Some of the most common CBD benefits include:

  1. Pain relief.
  2. Relief from anxiety, stress, and depression.
  3. Helping in the treatment of seizures.
  4. Treatment of insomnia.

Vape pens for CBD are the most effective method of administering CBD as they enable one to experience the cannabinoid’s countless benefits within seconds. These devices could particularly be helpful for people experiencing any form of pain including migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. 

Below are some of the best vape pens for CBD in 2021 based on their features and ratings/ reviews of previous buyers.

Best disposable CBD vape pens for CBD.

  1. Dr. Dabber CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo.

This vape pen for CBD is available in four distinct varieties which are:

  • The Fresh Blend.
  • The Robust Blend.
  • The Original Blend.
  • The Citrus Blend.

Each of these varieties has a unique taste and signature look. The broad-spectrum (THC-free) distillate found in the vape pen is sourced from hemp grown in the US and is lab tested for safety and quality. 

The vape pen comes with a 510 threaded battery that you can also use with any other 510 threaded cartridges. It features three heat settings and 15 seconds preheat mode. On a single full charge, the battery can withstand 40 to 50 uses.

  1. Avida CBD vape pen.

Avida CBD vape pen is available in twelve different flavor varieties from which you can choose the most ideal. If you are spoiled for choice, you can go for the Avida CBD vape pen bundle, and experiment with five or more flavor varieties. 

Each Avida CBD vape pen contains 100 mg of Avida Core CBD isolate. For convenient and on-the-go CBD dosing the isolate is placed in the 1 ml pen. 

The CBD formulation in Avida CBD vape pen is third-party lab tested for safety, quality purity, and consistency.

  1. 1 Savage CBD.

1 Savage CBD products are lab tested and you can access the reports for your batch online via their website. They are also very affordable for a majority of vape pens for CBD users. 

1 Savage CBD vape pen is available in three flavor variants:

  • The Natural Full Spectrum (this variant is made using all-natural ingredients, including natural terpenes for flavor. It offers a light and nice taste).
  • The Strawberry Citrus (the flavor variant contains full-spectrum CBD).
  • The Pineapple Blast (is more gentle and is more ideal for people who prefer a light flavor).
  1. Funky Farms Reserve.

Funky Farms Reserve comes with a broad-spectrum and Crystal Resistant Distillate that contains no fillers. The distillate is sourced from hemp grown in the US. 

The vape pen for CBD is available in four different varieties:

  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Pineapple Express
  • Blue Dream
  • Fire OG

The Funky Farms team ensures that each of their consumers gets a chemical-free product. Therefore each of their products is third-party lab tested to ascertain this transparency and quality. Besides the utilize the CBD distillation extraction procedure which ensures no solvents contaminate the final product.

Moreover, each of the Funky Farms vape pens for CBD comes with a QR code, which you can scan and get access to third-party lab tests.

  1. Just CBD.

JustCBD is one of the most reputable brands in the CBD products market. Their vape pens for CBD come in several flavor variants. These flavor variants are lemon, watermelon, grape glacier, strawberry, vanilla custard cream, honey, blueberry, and mango.

Best refillable vape pens for CBD in 2021. 

  1. Farmacy Bliss Vape Pen.

Farmacy Bliss Vape Pen contains 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD that is sourced from organically grown hemp. this distillate has no fillers, thinners, or solvents. Also, it is free from additives and pesticides. 

The vape pen has a blueberry taste that originates from naturally obtained terpenes. It is rechargeable and it comes with a micro USB charger. 

  1. PCKT one Plus.

The PCKT One Plus is an ideal choice for any CBD cartridge. It features a 660 mAh battery and three heat settings. Its compact and robust design makes it easily portable in your pocket.

  1. Kandypens Rubi.

The Rubi from Kandypens is perfect for high-strength CBD oils. It features a rechargeable 280 mAh battery and 1 ml refillable pods that house flavorful ceramic coils. The Rubi comes with a lifetime warranty.

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