Best Press Release Distribution Services Implement Technology to Get Results

Best Press Release Distribution Services Implement Technology to Get Results

When the phrase best press release distribution services come into mind, a typical newsroom which distributes press releases and news to several journalists and media channels. But in today’s time, that is far from the truth. Just like every other industry, the media industry has revolutionized with the dawn of technology as well. Gone are the days when Email marketing was the only tool used to target the relevant audience. Different tools have been introduced which ease out the process of press release distribution services. Best press release distribution services incorporate technology to facilitate the distribution process and target the right industry. The purpose of this article is to discuss the various technology tools that are used in press release distribution services.

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AI-Driven Translations

Our world is truly a global village. Most organizations work on an international scale which means that their news needs to be announced in different languages. The best press release distribution services understand this factor and have incorporated AI-Driven translations along with distribution of press releases. These translations help in attracting the international audience. The press releases can be targeted for a larger audience easily.

Audio Press Release Distribution

The world moves at an incredibly fast pace. Nobody has the time to sit down and read. With the introduction of Virtual Digital Assistant (VDA) voice technology is used by millions. Voice channels are now a part of every gadget of both Microsoft and Apple. This is why most people prefer to hear someone read the books, news, or any other article. Similarly, people have no time to read press releases. Keeping this fact in mind, best press release distribution services provide audio distribution of the client’s press releases. This way thousands of journalists who do not have the time to go through their emails and read each and every single one of them can easily hear the press releases on the go.

Accurate Targeting

There are many APIs available which help in setting targets for different audiences. Targeting can be done in such a precise and accurate manner that audience can be narrowed down to their pin-point location. All the best press release distribution services utilize these kind of APIs and reach their relevant audience. Apart from geographic targeting, demographics can be set on social media platforms. These include age, gender, ethnicity, and many other factors which further thins out the users which could be genuinely interested in the press release.

Google Ads

The concept of utilizing Google Ads has become more and more prevalent by the best press release distribution services. Everyone knows that Google has a massive reach and can display the ads to relevant audiences. When a person searches for a specific product or anything related to the product, Google AI identifies the requirement through its smart search and then displays the relevant ad to the viewer. This not only enhances the chance of relevant viewership but also ensures that the right audience sees the right ad. There are different campaigns which can be applied and started for google ads. Press release distribution service providers use this method to publish the press release ads and place them on the right platform to gain maximum number of relevant viewers.



Everything is measurable. All the numbers are made available in different reports to analyze and understand how a press release is performing. Figures such as click through rate, number of viewers and impressions are delivered in an extensive report. Through it, next campaign strategy can be defined and sorted out. Future decisions can be taken in a more informed way. It can be understood that what kind of press release has gained the attention of the viewers. Clients engagement rate can be measured and calculated. All of this can be viewed and assessed in the reports which are always provided by all the top-notch press release distribution services.


Technology has taken over every industry around the world. Everything is revolutionized and changes have been made. Similarly, all the best press release distribution services include different technology tools and gears to facilitate the reach of the news and increase customer viewership in no time. These tools further allow the press release to reach a more relevant and accurate audience.


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