Best Fast Food Chains in New York

With being the most popular city of the United States, New York is home to immigrants, because of which the food culture in New York is diverse and includes an array of international cuisines. Well, a mention of food brings me to today’s agenda where I will be sharing with you New York’s top Fast Food Chains. So, when you’re looking forward to having some amazing burgers or pizzas or shakes in NYC, jump to the list down below. 

Shake Shack

One place to find burger bliss in the city is definitely the Shake Shack. The classic Shack burger is love! All vegetarians adore the stunning Shroom Burger, and anyone who can handle lactose has risen to ice-cream nirvana with an ice-cold custard concrete. This contemporary fast-food staple may be ubiquitous, and it’s always packed, but it never fails to satisfy.

John’s Fried Chicken

John’s Fried Chicken serves moist fried chicken with a crispy crust and luscious flavours 24*7. John’s also offers various Latin delicacies, and who would want to walk away from deals that start at just under $4! Don’t forget to taste some delicious plantains and arepas de yuca.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Known for the fantastic fried chicken, KFC is the world’s second-largest chain restaurant chain after mc Donald’s. Cardboard buckets filled with large portions of fried chicken are a thing in KFC. Chicken fillet sandwiches, wraps, chicken popcorns and salads are the go-to food in there. The beverages they have on their menu are refreshing and creamy. 


Taim is based on the street food of Tel Aviv, Israel. It brings us some amazing Mediterranean flavours and is best known for its 100% vegetarian salads, spreads and pita sandwiches. You should definitely get your hands on the delicious falafel that is cooked in 0% trans-fat oil.

Burger King

This big chain of hamburgers offers a wide variety of amazingly amazing burgers. They’re known to serve high-quality, delicious, affordable food. Their signature recipes, iconic sandwiches like the flame-grilled Whooper are to die for. Their family-friendly ambience and staff is a thing in itself.


Manhattanites can finally order at the

It is a much-loved Asian fast-food chain. Its signature Chickenjoy (fried chicken) is succulent. Other Filipino offerings include spaghetti noodles dipped in a sweetened red sauce with thick portions of ham and hot dogs, called the Jolly Spaghetti, the Burger Steak or the Peach Mango Pie made with Philippine mangoes cooked exclusively in a flaky crust.

Wafels and Dinges

The sweet smell of waffles, fudge and bacon, fills the streets of NYC. They are known to serve the mother of waffles, which is the light and crunchy Brussels Wafel. Do check them out and thank me later!

Beyond Sushi

All the sushi lovers in the house, give me a cheer as I bring in “Beyond Sushi”. Anything and everything on the sushi menu is below ten bucks. Can you beat that? How amazingly affordable it is. Try out the noodle salads, black-bean sweet-potato brownies and pickled daikon rolls, and you shall not regret. 

Taco Bell

Its amazing how they make the meals right in front of you and how affordable they are. One meal can cost you anything around $10. The 5 Layer Burrito is amazed! Beer lovers can try out their exclusive beers and not be disappointed. It’s a 10/10 recommendation.


Melt Shop

We surely have had different types of grilled cheese, but have you tried the one at Melt Shop that includes maple bacon, truffle oil or fried chicken? It’s worth a try, my friends, followed by hundreds of move visits. Their Nutella Milkshake is to die for. They offer home-cooking in an enhanced way that you’ll all love.

So, go, tickle your taste buds a bit and try out the variety of foods that these food stations have to offer. Experience their hospitality and ambience and cheer up your soul.