Best Ecommerce Web Development Platforms to Look For 2021

Advanced technologies are increasingly playing a great role in the popularity of e-commerce stores and online businesses around the world. If you want to build a powerful and feature rich ecommerce store, you have several ready to use web development platforms at your disposal. These web development platforms loaded with a lot of customisable features, design themes and plugins help you to shape an online retail store in less than an hour.

Here we are going to showcase some of the top e-commerce development platforms to choose in 2021 by ecommerce development company india. But before that let’s explain in brief the key considerations to choose an ideal web development platform.

  • Consider whether you need to market physical or digital products. Some e-commerce platforms are better for physical products while others are good for digital ones.
  • Consider whether you need to build an e-commerce store from scratch or you can just add e-commerce functionality with your existing website. For example, you can easily opt for the Woocommerce plug-in if you have a WordPress website.
  • Consider whether the platform had relevant features for day to day online store management. Look for features such as order management, product page creation, order tracking, dashboard navigation, etc.
  • Consider whether the platform offers smooth design capabilities with easy drag and drop function. Also consider the range of design themes available with the platform and the available customisation options.
  • Lastly, always look for advanced e-commerce features such as email marketing, payment processing options, integrated rewards and gift options, shipping and fulfilment management features, filtering options and product categories, etc.

Now based on the above considerations, here we are going to showcase best e-commerce web development platforms that you can choose for your online stores.


Shopify still stands as the most popular e-commerce platform used by multitude of top online retail stores around the world. The platform is flexible enough to cater to all kinds and sizes of enterprises.

Huge flexibility, ease of use and smooth user experience are some of the key reasons behind the popularity of the Shopify platform. Hosting more than 2,400 apps for the users Shopify also offers the most versatile e-commerce platform. The best thing about the platform is that it is a completely managed platform with hosting, performance enhancements and security is completely taken care of.

Some of the key website building features offered by Shopify include the following.

  • Option of opting for custom domains
  • Opportunity of listing unlimited products
  • Statistics for sales in actual time. 
  • Inventory tracking capabilities.
  • A lot of scope personalization of shopping experience.


The key reasons for the huge success and popularity of BigCommerce as an e-commerce development platform include unmatched flexibility and a robust range of highly useful features.

To build an e-commerce store BigCommerce offers two options such as BigCommerce Enterprise and BigCommerce Essentials. The first one is basically a Do-It-Yourself platform based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The second one is a more customised platform.

Some of key e-commerce development features of BigCommerce include the following. 

  • Scope of listing unlimited products.
  • Creation of custom domains.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited file storage option.
  • Inbuilt web page builder tool.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Gift cards and reward options.
  • Out of the box analytics and reports. 
  • Easy integration with POS software and shipping software.
  • Ratings and reviews.


Magento is one of the leading ecommerce web development platforms and offers a robust library of 5000 extensions. Most Magento development services handle large and challenging enterprise web and e-commerce projects with demanding features and performance attributes.

A Hire Certified Magento Developers can help you build a highly customised e-commerce store with enterprise specific features and look and feel.  Magento is highly appreciated for its capability to build a wide variety of business websites and e-commerce stores equipped with marketing features.

Some of the key e-commerce and business website features that Magento offers include the following.

  • Mobile commerce features
  • Extensive and versatile product catalogs
  • Global sales and marketing
  • Lot of customisation scope through extensive app marketplace
  • Robust search options
  • Inbuilt checkout, payment, and shipping features.
  • Lightning fast performance.


Woocommerce is basically a free and open-source WordPress plug-in for ecommerce web development. WooCommerce is widely preferred by the small businesses for low budget e-commerce development while availing the optimum customisation scope.

The key e-commerce development features of WooCommerce include the following.

  • Extensive geolocation support
  • Inbuilt support for rewards, discounts and gifts
  • Products review publication feature
  • Extensive product catalog
  • Inventory management tool
  • Mobile commerce specific features and design
  • A range of features for shipping.
  • Inbuilt SEO boosting features.


Though Squarespace is only known as a general web development platform, with higher plans the platform also allows building e-commerce stores as well. The best value proposition of Squarespace e-commerce platform is the huge creative design scope.

Some of the key e-commerce features offered by Squarespace include the following.

  • Product subscriptions and digital product marketing features.
  • Inbuilt taxation and tax calculation tools.
  • Rewards, discount codes and gift cards.
  • Features to convert sales from abandoned cart
  • Mobile shopping and checkout
  • Rich product catalogues and listings
  • Quick product view
  • Inventory control and management
  • Shipping cost calculation and estimates


Wix is considered to be the most affordable and customisable ecommerce platform that suits the typical wants and needs of the beginners. The platform offers a smooth drag-and-drop interface with design flexibility to shape online shopping experience as per preference.

Wix also offers more than 500 website design templates and a robust range of customization options. Wix also allows building a website from the scratch with total control on design elements. The best thing is you can administer custom controls through their mobile app as well.

The key Wix features available with ecommerce plans include the following.

  • Extensive multilingual support covering more than 90 different languages
  • Extensive support to multitude of local currencies.
  • Robust customisation with more than 250 different apps.
  • Robust customisation in product page design.
  • Taxation and shipping cost calculation
  • Coupons, rewards and discounts
  • Advanced search filters and sorting options
  • Custom checkout options


Based on all the above elucidation on all e-commerce web platforms, no single ecommerce platform can be considered as the best in all regards for all kinds of retail stores. Just as each business comes with unique attributes, budget needs, and requirements of the talent pool, the choice of the online retail platform also depends upon that. As we have listed and explained all the leading ecommerce ecommerce web development platforms, you need to evaluate which of these platforms are more suitable for your specific business needs and accordingly choose the one that suits your business best.