Best 5 Animation Video Makers 2020 for Creating Educational Videos

Century has been many developments in various sectors; in fact, visual and verbal communication is a significant part of the development of education sectors. For which the most efficient and scientifically proven way is using animations video to teaching procedure. It is a cornerstone of teaching, making it even harder to retain higher information in the digital age.

It is that providing students with engaging lessons via animation video takes the boredom away from learning. Before abstract topics that once seemed hard to teach and learn, now it has become more understandable and accessible through educational animation video availability.

Whatever the result of widespread use of animation video in educational sectors, animation video maker’s tools turn in the most considerable matter. Because of traditional animation, maker software can only use professional and skilled animator’s creators. Thankfully, technology has changed for the better to solve this problem. 

Nowadays, no matter if you don’t have special skills or knowledge, you require an internet connection to create powerful and amazing animated videos. That’s why the article will describe the best five animation video tools.

Mango Animation Maker (strongly recommended):

Mango Animation Maker is the coolest and dedicated animation creator tool to create breathtaking animate videos in minutes. It has already proven very efficient in the educational video and business marketing & advertising sectors. It creates a new revolutionary challenge that e-learning presents to teachers working from home. 

Mango Animation Maker has a massive collection of assets – effects, music, sound, templates, pictures, shapes, charts, animation widgets, SWFs, and symbols. The process of creation is incredibly easy – it comes with a user-friendly interface. You can be made an adorable and perfectly understandable animate video – It allows you to add recording & subtitle that will enrich your animated video and clearly explain points.

Moreover, to create an audiences-engaging and surprising video content, it provides 40 types of speaking dynamic roles like Businessman, Teacher, Police, Doctor, Waiter, etc. It also allows the audience who are virtually engaged, so they are efficiently delivering their ideas and messages.


Animatron is a versatile video animation platform with a particular focus on education. It has included a vast collection of royalty-free photos, video, audio, and text font style on its libraries. It will provide whiteboard-style animation that helps to create an incredible animate video presentation. 

Even more, these tools you can get voice narration features that can add your voice. It allows HTML5 banners to make eye-catching animated business banner ads. It also provides an explainer video to explain the point clearly.


MotionDen is an innovative animation video maker tool that lets you efficiently create animations with a variant text style. One of MotionDen’s features is to customize adjusting controls that distinguish itself from other tools.   

Besides, it allows the option to choose between Animation mode and Presentation mode. It is weekly updated its efficient, extensive templates. You can also add video clips, text effects, images, and suitable music.


Moovly is an easy-to-use and powerful animation maker that has four variants of the video solution. It enables users to create stunning animations and videos right in the browser, with 175 million animator integration.

One of the crucial features is that it has a drag and drop facility. It is mainly used by the educational, small business, and significant enterprise sectors. It also allows directly to share videos on YouTube.  


Devolver is the fastest and flexible animation video creator with six practical steps to create an animated video. It is also efficiently showcasing the diversity of their cartoons and good-looking race.

Moreover, to create a unique, it allows adding stander video, audio music clips, visual effects, background, and text font by choosing multiple projects.

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