Bess Katramados: Big Show’s Only Lifeline


Bess is not one of the most famous models in the United States but did a reasonable job in her way. She started to work in the 1990s and made a decent name. Unfortunately, Bess Katramados did not get the best backing of her seniors as some of her competitors got. Otherwise, one could have seen a much better. Katramados working at the highest level for a long time.

Despite battling with many ups and downs, Bess Katramados remained solid and did put her best to become an established model. She even did work for many top magazine brads. Bess Katramados married American professional wrestler Big Show, also known as Paul Donald Wight II, in 2002. It was Big Show’s second marriage. He did spend five golden years with Melissa Ann Piavis from 1997 to 2002. Bess Katramados did leave the world of modelling after joining her hands with Big Show.

Bess Katramados now works her all-time give her kids a better life. She is a perfect homemaker and does see her future only with her family. Many wives in the whole world aspire to have a better family life. Katramados knows this very fact and does put her all to teach her kids the real-life lessons. They have a sweet-loving family. Over the years, Big Show has done his all to become a rich person. It took him years to reach the desired level of his life. After working hard for more than 30 years, the mega WWE superstar has earned the best place financially.

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Bess Katramados has been the biggest reason behind the stability of Big Show, who is one of the greatest ever performers in the history of WWE. He started his career for the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). For so many years, he became a name of WCW. The brand failed to shine at the rate WWE did. It led him to join WWE. For the biggest professional wrestling brand, Big Show has done his all. His ability to change the negative persona to positive persona was just at a different class. He won every title that one can win in WWE and did his level best to become a stable picture.

Not many can reach the level of Big Show, who is at a different class. His never say die attitude made him a better performer than any other wrestler in the history of this global competition. Bess Katramados is a great reason behind his rapid rise. She backs her husband in every dark moment and enjoys her class during his best times. The fans of WWE love Bess Katramados for helping out their star player in a better manner. They respect Bess for assisting one of their best WWE wrestlers in a bigger and better manner. Bess Katramados is happy in her life and sees only her bright future with Big Show, who does not work regularly for WWE now as he was doing five years back. However, he still does help his beloved brand to maintain its class.