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Bernard Jordan

A self-proclaimed prosperous preacher driving a Rolls-Royce and living in a 26,000-square-foot New Jersey home sells an old small building in his church instead of paying the exclusive community of Tuxedo Park 65,000 property taxes annually.

Bishop e. , Can be found on the Internet and in an old theater at 310 Riverside Drive, the main headquarters of the church.

Court documents say Tuxedo Park officials also “indiscriminately” canceled partial property tax exemptions on the state-of-the-art 1903 palace and now the tax bill, with a monthly mortgage payment of 9 9,000, has pushed the cost of maintaining the home to more than 200,000 annually.

In a telephone interview, Jordan said he missed the tax break five years ago at a time when the economy was hurting and church attendance was declining.

Bernard Jordan’s mother’s video is a social media personality, he often uses his social accounts to connect with the public. At the moment, he has about 24,000 followers on his Facebook account. According to the Facebook profile of 34-year-old Colby, the priest often uses the platform to keep his services. She doesn’t have a huge fan following but still, she uses her platform to communicate with her followers.

Jordan said he and his wife raised five children in that home and also ran a church business there. Now the grandfather of nine, he is happy to be free of the Tuxedo Park property.

The Jordanian Church bought the property in 1996 for .7 1.7 million and renamed it 1. offered to sell it to Norton & Christensen, a law firm in Goshen, NY, for millions of dollars. 

Court documents say the palace was valued at 2 million, but the accidental spill of home heating oil in the basement prompted state environmental officials to persuade geo-ministries to reduce the price if more remedies were needed.

They say Jordan has been trying to sell the property for four years and had two potential buyers – but the deal has failed.

Spreading 5/2 acres, the house has 9 bedrooms and 5 baths, a marble amphitheater and entrance, a “Baron’s territory” living room and banquet dining room, a music room, and hand-carved stucco moldings. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery for each real estate list. .. And the lake around it.

The Jordan family’s new home on the Saddle River, NJ, has more than double the square footage. Technically in the name of a limited liability corporation, it cost 3.9 million when purchased in 2005, but taxes are a fraction of what Jordan paid to Tuxedo Park. There were 36 36,783 in 2015, according to the city tax collector, and there was no tax deduction on the home.

Jordan said he never applied for one.

Jordan, a resident of Bed-Steve and a friend of Al Sharpton, began his preaching work in Brooklyn when he was 23 years old.

He claimed that the 9/11 attacks predicted Hurricane Katrina and Barack Obama would be elected president and that Jordan’s own cable TV show, “Power of Prophecy,” was aired if people paid cash to his ministry. Will make a profit in life.

At a meeting like the one he will start on Thursday at Jordan’s 57-year-old Lagarde Marriott, he encourages the public to pledge 10,000 10,000, and sometimes more. According to the church’s website, those wishing to attend the three-day conference must pay $ 600 each.

Bernard Jordan’s is also available on the Internet where he offers to teach people how to get rich. 

A financial report filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court with documents relating to the sale of the home shows that the total assets of Joe Ministries in recent years amounted to more than 11 million, mostly tied to three homes and 74 747,118 in “transportation”.

The calculation, prepared by Jordan’s wife Debra, the treasurer of the church, estimates that the amount of “offers” from believers is more than 5 million.

Jordan is a non-profit organization, so he came to court to get permission to sell his home. It is owned by the church and requires court permission to do so.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office has already signed the sale.
As trending began on Twitter, many fans were concerned about Bernard Jordan’s mother’s video. Some publicly joked about the serious situation involving Bernard Jordan’s privacy. Others came out of the situation confused by the sudden flow of Bernard Jordan’s mention.