7 Key Benefits of Using Office 365 for Business You Can’t Ignore

Office 365 for Business

For companies today, it is quite important to be efficient. Knowledge sharing must be very easy and team members should be able to create, collaborate, and communicate without any breaks. To do so, many software products are present in the market. For companies who have to deal with lots of data such as a staffing agency or auditing institute, it is important to use them.

Office 365 is a quality product from Microsoft that comes with many tools to improve collaboration and communication within departments operating inside a company. The product comes with apps like Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and more. Use it to work seamlessly and efficiently. The following passages are about the key benefits of using Office 365 for Business.

#1. Easy Accessibility

With Office 365, organizations can store all their files in the cloud. Therefore, with a stable internet connection, they can access all this data from anywhere in the world. Better accessibility allows for better team communication and integration. Authorized users can use a device that has Wi-Fi capabilities to access this data even when they are working remotely. 

#2. Safe Storage on the Cloud

Office 365 comes with good security propositions. The developers have put in place features like two-factor authentication, threat detection, and anti-malware programs to protect critical company data. Unauthorized users cannot access the cloud. Furthermore, if the system detects a threat, it ultimately stops it and notifies the organization. Therefore, they can take care of it and resolve the situation effectively. 

#3. Better Communication

Due to its integration with other apps and tools like Skype and Outlook, Office 365 allows for better team integration and collaboration. The tool also allows users to conduct conference calls, hold meetings, and share data even if they are working from geographically different locations. By using “Teams”, you can share files, receive comments, and feedback. Yammer allows for employees within the organization to connect with each other in a more friendly manner. It almost acts as a social network inside businesses. Here, you can share important company news. All staff members can post here. Users can also create different channels for specific purposes such as knowledge-sharing or networking plans.

#4. Easy Spending Because of Subscription Model

Office 365 is not an expensive option for most businesses. The reason is that companies only have to pay per individual user on a monthly basis. This means that you can save a lot of costs by only providing access to the suite to important company resources. Furthermore, the suite does not charge extra for any upgrades. They are covered in the monthly payment. 

#5. Business Continuity During Incident Handling

Since all the files are stored on the cloud, organizations can continue with their business-related functions without a break. Office 365, therefore, plays a great role in facilitating business continuity for businesses. Even if a data compromise activity takes place at your office, rest assured that your data on the cloud is secure. While your information security resources work on incident handling, the rest of your team can continue to work without a break. All of your emails, files, and data on the cloud will be secure. Later, you can also restore them to your office facilities. 

#6. Automatic Upgrades as Part of the Subscription

Office 365 comes with many apps such as Word, Excel, and Outlook as well. This allows users to work online without the need to install them. The developers keep on sending the updates periodically. As a result, the software remains up-to-date. 

#7. Centralized Collaboration with SharePoint

Office 365 allows easy sharing of mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and documents. On SharePoint, you can allow your organization’s resources to collaborate freely. Here, they can access all documents in a centralized space. They can edit, comment, and provide their feedback in real-time as well. This allows organizations to do more in far less time.

Office 365 allows companies to access Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote all under one platform. The range of these features offers great value to all types of businesses. Furthermore, the monthly subscription model allows them to get more for far less.