Beginner’s Guide: Things You Can’t Ignore When Installing a Solar Panel System at Home

Switching to a Solar Panel System for your home’s energy needs is neither easy nor cheap. But, given it’s long term-benefits, it’s highly efficient and recommended. Your decision to switch to solar should be a well thought through one. The right way to go about the process would be to start with determining the right solar panel system for your house. This, in turn, would depend on several important factors such as your energy needs,  location of your house, your budget and more. That said, in this post, we discuss the factors that you must keep in mind when buying a solar panel system for your home. Let’s take a look. 

  • Location 

The location of your property is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a solar panel system. That’s because the performance of your solar panels is directly proportional to the amount of solar radiations they receive. For optimal performance, solar panels should be located in areas with wide sunlight coverage. In case, you live in an area that doesn’t receive ample sunlight then the solar panels need to be more efficient. 

  • Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is another important factor that you should consider before buying a solar panel. It is the ability of a solar panel to convert input energy to output energy. What are the benefits of having a more efficient solar panel? Well, it helps charge solar batteries faster owing to its higher output. And that’s not all, a more efficient solar panel also produces more power in areas with inadequate or less sunlight. If you want a panel with an average efficiency go for one with 15 to 16 percent. A better efficiency would be 17 to 19 percent and a 20 percent would be considered as one of the best panel efficiencies.  

  • Panel Size

The size of the solar panel that’s right for your home would depend upon your energy needs. To calculate your power requirement, you need to add up the power consumed by each electrical appliance that you are using in your home. Let’s say your power requirement is as mentioned in the table given below.

EquipmentPower Rating (Watt)QtyLoadDuty Cycle (Hrs)Daily energy Consumption (Watt Hours)
LED Light10330260
Total Load (Watts)490Daily energy Consumption (Watt Hours)980

Formula for calculating your panel size requirement 

Panel Size Requirement = Daily Energy Consumption (Watt Hours)/3 

                                        = 980/3

                                        = 326.7 W

This means you can choose to go with 

3 x 100Wp Or 2 x 150Wp solar panels in parallel

  • Durability

If you don’t want to keep replacing your panels after a few years then go for a durable panel that can resist extreme weather conditions such as hail, strong winds, rains, etc.  The life expectancy of a good solar panel would be anywhere between 25 to 30 years. And that doesn’t mean panels with less life expectancy would cease to perform after the given period. It just means that the efficiency of the panels would start to reduce after that time period. If you are looking for a durable panel go for a reputable brand like Luminous that offers a wide range of solar products for its customers. 

When it comes to buying solar panels, Luminous is a preferred brand trusted by all. You can go check out their wide range of offering online. You can also talk to their expert and choose a solar panel system that best fits the needs of your home.