Essential Things You Should ask Atlanta Pool Builders Before Hiring Them

Atlanta pool builders

If you are planning on getting a pool in your Atlanta based home, you are probably going to hire professional Atlanta pool builders. Most homeowners get a pool built no more than once in their lives, so they must get the right company to make it. However, usually, people don’t know the right questions to ask from pool builders. These questions are especially important when you are getting an inground pool built; there are a few things you need to clear up before hiring a pool builder. In this article, we are going to tell you about the essential things you should ask from your potential pool builders.

Ask Them If They Have Ever Built Inground Swimming Pools In Georgia (Preferably Atlanta).

Every part of the country has different types of climates and ground conditions. This factor is why it is essential to ask the pool builders if they have ever built inground swimming pools in Georgia, specifically Atlanta (since we live here). Inground swimming pools cost a lot more to build and require substantial digging. So if a pool builder has experience of building pools in the Atlanta area, it is definitely a plus point. The pool builder will be aware of the ground conditions of your site and will know what techniques and materials to use for a reliable pool build.

Ask Them About the Estimated Inground Swimming Pools Cost

When interviewing swimming pool builders for your inground swimming pool, ask each of the potential candidates for cost estimates. Asking this question puts you at an advantage because when you have estimates from 3 or 4 pool builders, you can negotiate the price better. Not to mention you will get an idea for yourself about how much you can expect to spend on your inground pool. Having this information, you can not only adjust your budget accordingly before starting the pool construction. 

Ask Them If They Have An Official Website

This question might seem a bit unrelated to most pool builders, but as a customer, it gives you a lot of information. A legit pool building company like sandals luxury pools will always have a professional website for their business. A pool building company showcases its previous work portfolio and the materials they use on their website. One great example of an Atlanta based pool building company with a great website is Sandals Luxury Pools. A company’s website is going to answer all the questions you might have about them, so it is always a good idea to ask for a pool building company’s official website.

Ask them about the materials that are used for building inground swimming pools of Atlanta.

The materials being used are something that you have to get right when building a pool. When hiring a pool builder, it is a must to ask them what material are they going to use to make your swimming pool. As we mentioned previously, each area has a different type of ground condition. So when building a pool in Atlanta, the material used for the construction is something you cannot compromise on. Vinyl tiles are by far the most popular swimming pool material and it is the preferred material for pools in Atlanta. Reputed Atlanta based pool builders prefer tile and stone combination for building durable and long-lasting pools. This reason is why you should expect a similar answer to the question about preferred pool material from a pool builder in Atlanta.