Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Artificial Intelligence is one of the growing and much-needed technology for us. This can help you to do things that you cannot even imagine sometimes, such as searching for something on the internet without touching you smart or capturing a moment by phone’s camera without touch and not pressing any hard key. That is one of the Artificial Intelligence works in your device. Artificial Intelligence is the subject of Computer Science but today, it becomes the subject of discussion in each field. Whether you are an engineer or a doctor you have to have this technology in your devices at work to be more advanced and civilized. Artificial Intelligence can perform some activities very similar to human, to see a subject, hearing the content, analyse and recognize the images.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence in industries, we can manage to achieve better results with less manpower in less time, and the work for man to give more time to operate the machine can also be reduced.  We can define AI in simple words like- AI is the Algorithm of the data design in such a way so that it can work without the man’s inputs. Artificial Intelligence is very similar to Bots. The bot comes from the Robots means artificial or virtual thing than can work as a human and can replace man at work. The bot is the software or the applications that are designed to work like humans and to do certain tasks. For example you might have seen some websites where you have 24/7 support replying a Bot to your concerns. These are the Chat Bots which work on programmed data so that you can have support even at night where no human inputs require to work. This bot can be various in types such as Chat Bots, replying to your conversation, Web Crawlers, for commenting a few defined words on a page or on the blogs. Invented for good cause, these bots are being used to cheat people these days. This can include few activities such as Click fraud, Content spamming. In good cause Bot technology is being used in various industries, for example if are planning to order some food like Burger of Pizzas from a well-known brand all you need to do is to call take, sometimes Bots take your orders there.

With the growth in technology and business the age of digitization demands to have AI and Bot technology in each part of their life. Many of the industries now trying to discover the source to apply technology in every aspect of the work. For the business purpose, the implementation can be beneficial and produce the same revenue with less manpower. Involving technology and computers in each industry, working with less support staff have now become a trend today. For example at an entrance of the company, there were always some guards available to check the visitors. Now days can manage it by a single guard to introduce some technology at entrance such as a biometric machine that allows the door to be open only by the employees and registered staff. That machine can help to count your attendance as well. Industries are trying to transfers the work done by humans to AI and Bot technology so that they can work with fewer numbers of people in each department which helps in the cost-cutting and to give humans a little relax in a stressful environment. These savings can be huge depending on the industry and the kind of technology is being used. According to some facts companies can save up to 10% of the total cost by introducing Artificial Intelligence and Bot technology in the right way.

Artificial Intelligence has now taken automation to the next level, by acting as human and replacing the man in some of the well-known fields such as telecom industry, healthcare sector, and more. When you call on a toll-free number at night which do not have support staff at night, you still get some help by the system or IVR that programmed to act as technical support and tries to solve your concern by giving you some pre-programmed answers. With the demand of having a huge number of calling staff available in the contact centre every time this technology can totally replace human work in some days. It also means that the Jobs for men in contact centre won’t be available easily in future. It is also a matter of concern that technology can take over you.