Are Your Recruitment Processes Outdated?


Recruiting is a process that should be efficient, accurate, and productive for both employers and candidates. The recruiting approach will be bettered if the recruiter or company switches it as per the trends. Change is a must. Many recruiters and companies are following the same method of finding the human resource they had been started with.  They have to understand many technologies are accessible to manage the overall recruiting operation with an updated version. Applicant Tracking Software and Recruiting CRM are such tools that make the recruiting affordable.

If companies desire to acquire the best talents- have to leverage the advanced technologies.  As the recruitment method is changing continuously, hence recruiters need to accept the transformation and follow the same. 

Repetitive Tasks That Are Manually Done 

The task or activity that occurs and has to perform repeatedly, and if the recruiter carries out it manually, then they are wasting their precious time and efforts. Technology provides AI-based features that automate various tasks of recruiting. Hence, you can use technology and Artificial Intelligence to speed up recruitment by automating manual CV screening, job matching, candidate matching, search from the current database of candidates, candidate query response, assessment, etc. 

Through automated activities, recruiters and companies can save their time and effort.

If you’re still fulfilling the repeated task, not mechanically, then your recruitment process is outdated.

Cold Calls

Social media gets involved in the recruiting process being a game-changer. The cold call is a technique adopted by many recruiters, where recruiters call active and passive candidates and attract and ask them frequently about the move on in a career. While another method of grabbing the right talent is to steal them from employer sites. But, at present, these practices have vanished, hardly any company or recruiting agency is following these methods for Talent Acquisition.

Now recruiters are hiring people through enhanced internet sourcing skills. Social networking sites and job boards are the prominent sources of capturing the talent. Through these applications, a recruiter can build a relationship with applicants in order of future recruits, and here, LinkedIn is the best example. 

So, if you are following the same traditional method or any other way instead of internet source skills for Talent Acquisition, need to say your recruiting process is outdated.

Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is an overall association and interaction that candidates do in each stage of the recruitment process.  And, nowadays, this experience is a valuable asset for the company. The candidate is the one who runs the show.  Positive candidate experience improves the employer brand value and provides a great ROI. The positive impression of the company helps to build a healthy pipeline. Thus, these are the reasons that currently, recruiters and companies are investing in improving the candidate experience.

If you are implementing the recruitment process where a focus on candidate experience is zero, accept that the approach of recruiting is outdated.

Video Conference

Video interviews are a  worthwhile feature of the latest recruiting technology. Nowadays, every recruiting software including Applicant Tracking Software has a video interview aspect so employers can interact with candidates before a real-time interview. Through this employer can save his and candidates time and proceed with the high-quality applicants for real-time interviews. Hence, it is to minimize recruiters and employers’ efforts.

If you still follow the walk-in interview process and are unaware of the time, effort, and resource saving feature- video interview or one-way video interview, then the recruiting approach is outdated. 

Interview Scheduling Become Much Easier

In the past days, scheduling interviews was an enormous amount of hassle. The hiring manager often had to engage with candidates in order of finding a convenient time and bring them for an interview. And this was a time-consuming task that had to perform frequently. The work becomes a nightmare when the applicant belongs to another timezone. Thank you, recruiting software and tools that have a feature where the candidate can select a time slot as per their betterment.

Overall, the recruiting process is a continuous process that’s primary purpose is to reach the maximum people, convert them into candidates, and select the right one. Operation is as it is, but the method of implementing it transformed according to the time frame.

Not every old is gold, sometimes old needs to be replaced with fresh.