Are you A Developer? Software Development Trends to Help Drive Your Specialty.

The wheel of advancements is uncontrollable, and more is yet to be seen in the IT field. The computerized world is also becoming more and more interesting, challenging developers to embrace better technologies. A wide range of tasks is performed at one spot and a single platform requiring no movements.  

In case you are a developer, you may have to learn a few changes with the unprecedented event of COVID-19 among the cheerleaders.

The top Software Development Technologies for This Decade 

These include the following and aren’t limited to;

Cloud Technologies 

Considering the outbreak of COVID-19, many governments introduced the work from home policy with gestures of making it permanent. With the fact that businesses couldn’t operate during the lockdown, the use of Cloud technologies dramatically increased. Currently, 60% of businesses expect to outrun their cloud usage plans, and the trend isn’t about to end.    

Also, cloud technologies facilitate the work from home movement where you can’t access office desktops. On the other hand, they help reduce costs to a great extent.

JavaScript, Django  

JavaScript still takes the lead among the most sought languages in software development. Almost every agency would consider a developer with JavaScript experience. Apart from providing a rich interface, it offers remarkable speed and a top-notch experience.

Unlike Express.JS, the demand for Django and Python increased. Overall, the latest software development trends call for skills in Python, Go, Django, Kotlin, React, and AngularJS.

IoT (Internet of Things) 

Not as many as you think will love the idea of going back to offices. Considering the fact that a good percentage still works from home, the trend is here to stay. Past 2021, IoT will still be essential to make the work from home policy enjoyable and executable.  

If you are a web designer and consider excelling in this field, you may have to learn more about IoT. Nevertheless, sharpening it alongside other innovations like Big Data and AI.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)  

AI isn’t limited to anything, and the need to reduce human interventions only proves its essence. Apart from being embraced in the health sector, manufacturing and mechanical plants, AI is now evading the software development field. The leading example is AI chatbots replacing human assistance.

Online transactions, business operations, and eCommerce are only in their inception, and with AI, human intervention will become a historical tale. The future will be ruled by AI, with hospitals, fuel stations, education institutes, manufacturing plants and offices all automated to the core.


Low code or no-code software developments are a great alternative to the expensive software development that involves coding. Instead of outsourcing a software developer, low-code, or no-code solutions can even lower expenses. This also helps to craft rich and powerful applications for both mobile and desktop devices.


The tech world only becomes better and better, and as a developer, you must watch out for the new trends to stay ahead of expectations. More to the software technologies mentioned above, we have PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), AR, Blockchain, MR, etc.