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Android TV is the most popular, affordable and customizable TV box out there. Like Android phones there are many manufactures that provide interesting TV boxes at lower costs. There are many types of choices when it comes to Android TV. For gaming you can choose Nvidia Shield TV, for portability you can choose Amazon Fire TV stick or Mi TV stick. If you want full Google experience, you can choose Chromecast.

Unlike other TV boxes, Android TV is not limited to one app store. You can easily download and install any Android app you see on internet. If you want free movies, TV shows, or sports app, you can easily get one from internet. No limitation at all. As a result, you may see awesome TV box app stores full of movies, Streaming apps like AppLinked.

AppLinked TV apps

AppLinked is not a single app store. This is a free service with lots of public TV app stores. It is because many TV lovers collect awesome TV apps and use AppLinked to share with others. Every app store inside this application has a unique code. We use that code to access those public stores. Please note that each and every store is managed by individual users who create them. Therefore, AppLinked will not guarantee about the apps you install.

AppLinked is the popular destination to find rare pirate copies of apps. If you search internet for those apps, you will redirect to many sites, advertisements, countdowns and more before downloading the actual file. That’s why app stores like AppLinked are popular among TV users.

There are many AppLinked alternatives like FileSynced, UnLinked, etc. All those are like AppLinked. Only difference is number of stores and apps. You can choose whatever the app store you like. All those support all Android TV boxes. If you want streaming app store that does not use TV codes to access, then try APKTime.

Create your Own Store

Many of you already has favorite list of apps and games on your TV. There is a moment where you want to hard format your device or want to share your apps and games on another TV box. It is not easy as you think. You may have installed apps from internet and other source. All apps are not from default app store which is Play Store. Restoring or installing all apps and games on another device take time, because you have to search those apps on internet to download.

Many use AppLinked as a perfect tool to restore TV box. First create an account on AppLinked official website. Then create your store. You will get code to access your store. Every store has unique code. Now upload all your files and access them any time you want.