And After All, You’re my Wonderwall

Many people (if not all) were shocked when the Coronavirus struck, and how quickly it spread. If we could avoid it, we were advised to just stay at home at all costs. A lot of people spend most of their time outside their homes that some are even surprised by the interiors of their own houses. Now that they have taken a closer look, many have chosen to re-decorate and add little improvements to their homes. It’s also a perfect time for some wall art inspiration. 

There are different ways to add beautiful art to the walls in every room of your home. Here are some ideas:

Shoebox Wall Art. Who doesn’t buy shoes? Let’s admit it, we all have shoe boxes laying around. Don’t recycle them just yet. They can be easily transformed into colorful floating shelves with just a few coats of paint, and since they are very light in weight, all you need is a couple of push pins to hang them on your wall. A hot glue gun also works.

Spray Paint Wall Art. All you need is a blank canvass and a couple of cans of spray paint, and the artistic possibilities are endless. You may also ask for ideas and suggestions from your loved ones, and have this as a type of family activity that they can participate in. You’ll have impressive walls in your homes, and you’ll have created wonderful memories with them at the same time.

Glowing Hearts Wall Art. Perfect for the walls in your bedroom. Set the tone of your room and release your romantic side. You can use battery-powered string lights to make this work of art, and since you don’t have to plug it in, there’s no need for you to hide the cord.

Thumbtack Wall Art. This is very easy to do, and very cheap, too! Who knew office supplies could be so chic? Just grab a piece of cardboard of your choice and use thumbtacks to display your favorite quotes, numbers, or images and hang them on your walls. Keep in mind to use colors that will make the thumbtacks really pop. For example, use gold thumbtacks on a black cardboard. 

Pom Pom Wall Art. No need to be a cheerleader to use this trick. All you need to have is a lot of yarn. Find a piece of wood that you can hang from your wall and let the beautiful, colorful display of yarn do the talking.

Frame Accent Wall. If you’re up for the challenge for a more abstract take on art, try this idea. Find some cheap picture frames and paint over them. Attach the frames to the wall and enjoy. You could use tape dots to help secure the frames after hanging them on the wall with nails, or you can consider screwing the frames to the wall.

Nail String Art. This is an easy and fun way to decorate your walls. Use nails and string of your choice, and you can make anything from abstract designs to words and shapes.

Well, if you’re not into these DIY stuff, you can always order online, like large farmhouse wall signs.