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Introducing iCrowdpt, a press release distribution platform with one aim; to publish the maximum number of press releases in Portuguese and marketing them to the right audience. 

Do you need help in marketing a press release with a Portuguese oriented audience? Then visit right now and get the best packages which deliver maximum output at minimum cost. By following a very simple procedure, anyone can get started with their press release distribution process within no time. The interface is easy to use along with being aesthetically pleasing. 

But the services of iCrowdpt are not limited to press release distribution only. Rather, hundreds of press releases are posted on this website every day. Each press release irrespective of its language is translated into Portuguese and is published at iCrowdpt. This way every news in the press release can be read and found in the Portuguese language as well.

iCrowdpt is an ever expanding organization. The aim of this website is to become the leading news source for the audience which like to follow news in Portuguese. Unlike most news websites, the information being shared in Portuguese is international news. iCrowdpt receives the press release in English language and then translates it into the Portuguese language and publishes it on their website.

Audio channels are also associated with iCrowdpt. This means that apart from reading through different press releases, a person following iCrowdpt can also hear out the news. This is one of the most feasible forms of receiving news as reading consumes a lot more time than listening to the news. Hearing a press release saves a lot more time.

At iCrowdpt, it is understood that people do not have the time to read through press releases these days. This is why they post press releases in Portuguese language on audio channels. This tool further increases the reach of the press release to at least hundreds of people around the world, setting iCrowdpt apart from its competitors. These audios are distributed on Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and others. 

The team at iCrowdpt works thoroughly to discover any technological innovations that boost the performance of press release distributions. Through the employment of artificial marketing techniques and strategies, iCrowdpt aims to deliver the best of the best services to its customers. Demographic and geographic targeting is used to identify and target the complete Portuguese market. Through the merging of marketing strategies with technological innovations, iCrowdpt pioneers in presenting most viable solutions for their followers.

About iCrowdpt

If you are looking for a press release distribution organization which targets the Portuguese platform, then iCrowdpt is the one for you. By utilizing artificial communications strategies, iCrowdpt offers the greatest targeting mechanisms to maximize the press release reach to relevant audiences to the Portuguese community. There are multiple packages available for an organization to explore and pick from which suits them the best. They provide top rated work at the most reasonable pricings.