All you need to know about motorized knapsack prayer in Kenya

motorized knapsack prayer in Kenya
motorized knapsack prayer in Kenya

The world is dynamic and improvement of technology is encroaching very fast. Technology has come to help man to perform all his duties without having to spend much in terms of time. Motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya has brought a significant change to large scale farmers and also small scale farmers. Controlling and killing weeds is the main aim of farmers so that they can archive their goal of producing high yields.


Motorized knapsack sprayer is a machine whose origin is China and is used to spray chemicals in the farm, disinfestation and also can be used for fumigation. It covers a large area within a short period of time. Its efficiency is what makes it marketable since everyone like using machines that will make the work less laborious. Its spraying speed is another aspect that pleases farmers.


The motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya has parts that are unique and makes it a sprayer of value. To start with, the first part to observe in this sprayer is the chemical tank of capacity 20 litters. This size is quite good since it can spray a large area at one go. The fan in the engine has very high rotational speed of 8500 rotations in a minute which increases the efficiency of the knapsack sprayer.

The engine has massive power compared to its size which is 0.7 kilowatts and the mixing fuel ratio is 23:1. The motorized knapsack sprayer uses petro engine which is usually a two stroke engine and is has a petro tank of capacity 1.1 litters. The working pressure of the engine is relatively high and the spray pump is of high-pressure pump. It discharges large amount of the mixture of about 8 litters in a minute which is made possible by the nozzles.

It also has a lance that is made of steel which is resistant to rust which enhances its durability. The knapsack sprayer come with the praying kits and a manual guide to give guidance on how to use the machine. The manual explains the roles of every part of the engine used in the motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya.


Motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya is structured in such a way that it protects the user from high temperatures from the engine. The safety of the user is guaranteed by this safety set-up within the engine. Structuring of the motorized knapsack sprayer is of high quality since the center of gravity is well taken care of. The bottom is broad to enhance stability.

Motorized knapsack sprayer is small in size which is made possible by the integration fuel tank and the chemical tank. Also the plastic used to make the chemical tank reduces the weight of the motorized knapsack sprayer. Weight is prior factor to consider when manufacturing knapsack sprayers. The set-up of the ignition is made easy to start and it is also safe to start and convenient.

Motorized knapsack sprayer also helps farmers and also workers to minimize wastage of time and chemicals. As a fore mentioned, the sprayer is able to discharge 10 liters in a minute and with that it saves time. The engine consumes low amount of fuel which aids in the minimization of production cost. Low production cost increases the profit made by the farmer.


Compared to the efficiency of motorized knapsack sprayer in Kenya, the cost is relatively low. Similarly, the maintenance cost is also low. The cost is approximately KES.20, 000 which is not fixed. 


Having this machine in your home will help you reduce the cost of production and increases the profit you experience for every season. As I had mentioned earlier, the machine can be used for several purposes around you home.