Alec Monopoly Net Worth

alec monopoly

If you live in New York City, you know that graffiti is a big part of the city’s culture. That’s why when you hear “Monopoly,” you’re likely not to think of the board game but rather an artist’s work of art. The artist has used the character from this popular board game to make a name for himself for his artwork. Have you heard about the graffiti artist named Alec Monopoly?

Who is Alec Monopoly?

There will be a select few who rise to the top in any society. These people, who generate massive amounts of wealth, are usually in a class of their own. In any society, there will also be those who will constantly be seeking to gain that wealth. These are the people obsessed with money. One of these people is Alec Monopoly, an American graffiti artist who has been making a name for himself in the world of street art.

As a living artwork, Alec Monopoly or Alec Andon in real life has been well-known on the streets of New York City for some time. His trademark Monopoly Man sets are a source of curiosity and respect in the graffiti world. His ability to make art out of the most unlikely canvases is renowned.

Alec Monopoly’s murals can be seen all over the city, from subway trains to the sides of buildings, but he doesn’t like to be called a graffiti artist. Rather, he prefers to be known as a “street artist,” which is a term he’s recently been using as his art has evolved from spray paint tags to paintings of famous landmarks like the Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building.

Alec Monopoly has been painting murals on New York City’s Lower East Side for the last fifteen years and has become a well-known graffiti artist in his field. He has been featured on television shows and in news articles, and his work has been sold in galleries all over the world. His art has been featured in exhibitions, and he even has a regular mural on the side of a building, which is his most popular work.

How much is Alec Monopoly’s net worth?

Alec Monopoly has gained a lot of recognition for his masterful Monopoly board game painting skills. As of April 2011, Monopoly is known as one of the most prolific street artists in the world, and his work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, including London and New York.

He has carved out a niche for himself by painting over Monopoly game pieces around the city, usually concealing his face behind a mask or hand during the process. With this, his estimated net worth is around $12 million!

How much are Alec Monopoly’s artworks?

Alec Monopoly has been an artist for more than 10 years, and his work has been featured in major publications such as The New Yorker and Art in America. His paintings are mostly inspired by the materialism and the greed of the modern world. He wants to show us that the present world is one big illusion and that we can change it. With this, his paintings sell for anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, depending on the size. (I guess he’s become pretty good at selling them!).

Today, Alec Monopoly has his own online gallery of work, which includes large-scale stencils and paintings, and has been selling limited edition prints of his work through his online store.