Advantages of Photocopier Rental


Photocopiers are a necessity for every business. They are an essential part of the document management process. However, with the changing times, photocopiers have evolved into multifunctional machines that can print, scan and fax. Moreover, they also allow you to save your documents on a computer or a cloud storage space, giving you access to it from all over the world.

Photocopier rental is now the preferred choice for all businesses in Singapore because it allows them to upgrade their copiers without having to invest in new equipment. Here are some other benefits of photocopier rental:

No maintenance costs

When you rent a photocopier, we take care of all its maintenance and servicing requirements. If there is a problem with the machine, we will fix it within 24 hours of your request.

Save money

The most obvious advantage is that renting your photocopier is generally cheaper than buying one outright. New photocopiers can be very expensive, so renting lets you use the latest technology without having to spend big money on an initial purchase. It also means extra expenses such as maintenance and leasing costs fall on someone else’s shoulders, so there’s no need to worry about these extra costs coming out of your pocket.


Photocopier rental can offer you greater flexibility than buying outright. By renting, you eliminate the risk that you will pay for a machine only to find it is not up to the job in hand, or no longer suitable as your business needs change. Perhaps you need a photocopier for just a few months or have to accommodate a temporary increase in demand at certain times of year – renting could be the perfect solution.

No need to tie up capital in depreciating equipment

Photocopiers and other office equipment lose value as soon they are purchased and out of the box. The purchase price is also likely to quickly fall behind inflation, especially if interest rates rise as expected over coming years. Rental payments, on the other hand, spread the cost over several years and ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of using new technology without having to commit any capital upfront (other than perhaps an initial deposit).

Latest technology

Renting means access to the latest technology and photocopiers as compared to buying which means being stuck with one model for years or having to pay a high price to upgrade later on.

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