Advantages Of Cisco Certification For Potential Networking Professionals

Certifications are a trusted way to validate an employee’s competency in the IT domain. A Cisco certification makes sure that no trained professional goes unidentified within the job arena. With its numerous programs running on all offline and online platforms, its courses have gained an immense reputation among enterprises and working personnel.

These career certification programs are accepted worldwide and come in four different tiers. Anyone seeking networking certifications, be it a professional, entry associate, IT architect, etc., can opt for varied CCNA training sets.

However, people still have questions regarding the perks of investing their time and efforts in the certification. Let’s take a look into what it has on its plate to clear all your queries.

What Are Cisco Certifications?

Cisco certification offers a wide range of courses like CCNA,CCNP,CCIE, each aiming at specialising respective IT professionals into a trained networking staff. The examination provides “consolidated and updated” training on the associate as well as professional level certificates.

How To Obtain These Certificates?

You can only obtain a Cisco certificate after taking the respective training like for CCIE, CCNP and CCNA,followed by an exam. Candidates must achieve an aggregate score between the fixed range of 201-300 to earn the qualified status.

The Certification Exam

TheCCNP, CCIE and CCNA exam comprises a test known to check a candidate’s capability to tackle, guide and secure a small to a mediocre sized branch network of the enterprise. They further test your acquaintance with broader topics like network access, IT networking, connectivity, CCNA routing and switching, security etc.

After passing the exam, the certification awarded remains valid for the coming three years. Anyone seeking renewal can take the next level test after paying the CCNP, CCIE or CCNA certification cost.

Benefits To Potential Networking Professionals

As most of the selection procedure is based on the resume, adding the CCNP, CCIE or CCNA certification would be a great way to boost your chances of getting hired by leading tech giants. Moreover, given below are some essential benefits of seeking the Cisco certification:

  • Amazing Acceptability Rate

Cisco courses are accepted all over by some of the best names in the IT arena. Besides the Cisco associates, many companies seek trained IT associates holding this certification. The credential allows them to broaden their job spectrum worldwide, giving them an upper hand over untrained competing personnel.

  • Great Learning Experience

These certificates are a great way to gain knowledge and skills in IP training, CCNA security etc. All the platforms offering CCNP training have a trained staff instructing and honing up the students. Therefore, anyone who prepares to take the examination undergoes a series of preliminary testing and training in the IT professional field.

  • A Gateway To Future Training

The prerequisites to any multi-branched course are that the staff knows the fundamentals of the IT field.Cisco certifications act as a first step to access a higher level of training. Only when you have the preliminary certificate offered by Cisco can you go after the same examination’s advanced tiers.

  • Improved Salary And Added Benefits

A Cisco certification is awarded to those trained to handle the ebb and flow of the IT world. Hence, anyone seeking a raise, promotion or added benefits of the job should undergo such training as soon as possible.

The market is full of endless possibilities, and with a CCNP certificate in your hand, you can reach a higher position in fields like CCNP security, etc., in no time.

  • Peaking Career Graph

Cisco trained professionals have experienced a significant boost in their career compared to other people in the same field. Companies all over seek trained brains who can handle all their IT associated issues and troubleshoot them.

Hence, opting for a CCNA course can considerably improve your career graph by giving it a robust kickstart.


Cisco certificates are an excellent way to start your career. And with Koenig Solutions as your training partner, you can avail of the best learning environment for IT professionals. Here, you can learn from international experts practising in the respective fields at flexible timings and affordable rates.

So, enrol yourself today and enjoy the perks of the certificate along with the world-class training.