Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaping


Worldwide, vaping is an increasing trend as so many smokers consider it an alternative to cigarettes. with its increasing popularity, there are many critics as well who have their honest opinions against vaping.

It is a fact that every product has some pros and cons. So while giving a final verdict, we should know about the advantages and disadvantages of that particular product.

This is true in the case of vapers as well, so today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of vaping. So, without wasting our time, let’s start:

Advantages of Vaping

Vaping is Better Than Smoking

There are so many health risks involved with smoking and no one can deny those risks. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned smokers that smoking can cause lung cancer.

It is also compulsory in almost every country to show a throat, mouth cancer warning message on the cigarette packaging. Apart from cancer, there are many other health risks involved with smoking that includes heart diseases as well.

Whereas, when we talk about vapers, there are no such risks of lung or throat cancer. No risk of heart disease as well. Since there is no combustion in smoking, so there is no production of tar, smoke, or ash.

That is why according to a research conducted by Royal College of Physicians, vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

No Toxic Odors

For some people, it is hard to stay quiet about the bad odors due to smoking. The burning leaves of tobacco create a toxic odor that is unbearable for many non-smokers around the one who is smoking.

Whereas, a vape will not have any toxic odor. Though there will be some aroma in the air due to the flavors used in the vape tank. But it will not be unpleasant at all or bad odor.

In fact, some non-smokers will like the pleasant smell coming from your vape as well and they will appreciate it. As an example, you can check this wax atomizer that you can attach to any vape pen battery. It is easy to refill and it will not have any bad burning smell like from smoking.

Full Control over Nicotine Intake

You have full control over the nicotine intake. As nicotine is not good for health, and in cigarette smoking, you can’t control the nicotine intake so it is dangerous for the health.

Whereas in the vapers, you have a wide variety of e-liquids from high nicotine level to low and even zero nicotine level as well. You can choose one for your own. You can also decrease the level of nicotine intake with time from high to low and eventually to zero.

Since many people who choose to vape as an alternative to cigarettes wanted to quit smoking, so this control over nicotine intake helps them a lot.

Disadvantages of Vaping

Complicated for Beginners

Since technology is involved in vapes, and there are a lot of options to join different products with the vapes, beginners feel it difficult to understand the procedure.

In the start, they feel it is complicated to adjust different settings and they need some time to learn the technology of vaping. Due to this, they might start vaping at settings which might be harmful for them. But if they get proper guidance from experts, there will be no problem for them at all.

Overwhelming Options

There are a lot of options to choose between different vapes, batteries, e-fluids and even the styles of vapes. In smoking, it is easy to choose one brand and taste of cigarette but in vaping sometimes it is difficult.

Especially for the beginners, it is difficult to make a choice between available options. But it is good to see hat senior vapers love to help the inexperienced people.