A Mini Guide to Different Types of Gin

A Mini Guide to Different Types of Gin

The market for gin in Australia is predicted to reach 161.92 million USD in 2025. It’s expanding at a CAGR of 5.14% every year for the period 2020 to 2025. Clearly, the country’s desire for gin displays no signs of retention. Australia boasts of some unique gin ingredients like wattle seed, bush tomato, sea parsley, and Davidson plum. Moreover, there aren’t any rules that distillers need to abide by except ensuring that the gin has more juniper than anything else. Moreover, if you choose to buy gin online in Australia, then you will be amazed to find the different varieties of this spirit. Both new and seasoned gin drinkers will have an exciting experience browsing through its various types. 

Understanding various kinds of gin will help you gain a greater appreciation of this spirit and choose one that resonates with you, and this guide will help you with that.

Gin – A Flavoured Spirit

Gin is a distilled spirit flavoured with herbs like juniper berries, while the primary botanical flavours being that of juniper, dried fruits, and flowers. It’s a very versatile spirit and doesn’t have a single taste. But the one flavour that’s dominant among all of them is juniper. Hundreds of botanicals can be blended in distinct ways to produce a unique flavour for every gin.

Types of Gin

London Dry gin

Various distilleries all over Australia produce London Dry Gin. This type developed in the 19th century and was a result of enhancements in distillation. It was precisely the emergence of the Coffey still that allowed alcohol to be distilled efficiently and cost-effectively. Earlier, gin was sweet. But now, London Dry gin doesn’t require any sweetening, and botanicals like juniper berries take centre stage in it.

Navy Strength Gin

It’s acknowledged as a higher proof gin than a standard one. Navy strength is an intense gin that is made for cocktails. It’s distilled with fresh ginger and native finger limes, imparting it with such a strong flavour and intensity. A gin is classified as Navy Strength when it has 58.8 per cent Alcohol By Volume (ABV). 

Currently, in many places, this alcoholic drink is produced from a mix of many aromatic and delicious botanicals like cardamom, coriander, juniper, lemon peel, and angelica root.

Old Tom gin

This type of gin is usually less juniper-heavy. It is meltier, softer, lighter, and more approachable in taste. This type is perfect for those who have a hard time drinking gin or are not fans of its botanical sharpness.

Pink Gin

There’s no escaping the Pink gin phenomenon in Australia, especially in places like Sydney. This type is mainly for the millennials. It is flavoured with fruits like raspberries and strawberries, which give it a sweeter profile. It’s produced by various methods like steeping the fruit into the spirit or the addition of natural colouring, sweetness, and flavouring to extract the desired taste. 

Choosing an Appropriate Gin

The primary consideration for a great gin is the taste of juniper. Today, it has become very easy to buy gin online in Australia as you can get your hands on some of the most distinct flavours of the spirit, and they are sure to delight your senses. You can browse through diverse gins and pick something that you genuinely enjoy. In Australia, gin is produced by using ingredients that are native to the place, like lemon myrtle, which results in a distinctly flavoured gin. 

Choosing a perfect gin for yourself ultimately boils down to your preferences and taste profile. Seasoned gin drinkers can dive into Navy Strength, while beginners can start by tasting Pink gin. 

Author name: Hannah Gilbert.